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How Many Types of Trade Licenses are There in Dubai?

by Nathan Zachary
How Many Types of Trade Licenses are There in Dubai?

If we think for a while about the most attractive and growing state of the world for business and tourism industry. Then the only name that came into mind of thousands of people would be United Arab Emirates. This place has become the center of attraction for numerous investors, entrepreneurs, and business tycoons. This is because the economy is booming so rapidly since the last few decades.

Getting your legal approval or Trade license in Dubai to initiate your business activities and operation is necessary. Until and unless you do not have your business license you are not allowed to execute anything on the lands of UAE.

For the ease of foreign businessman and local investors, Dubai officials have introduced many types of trade licenses. You can choose any legal license as per your business model, nature and involved operations. Also, these trade licenses have various rules and policies for each emirate. Dubai has its own way to deal all business-related scenarios and conditions which is mainly linked up with DED (department of economic Development).

Types of Trade License in Dubai

I know the excitement is real, but do not jump into the decision without getting to know the categories and available trade license in Dubai. So, here is the brief discussion about license’s types and functionalities.

There are mainly four types of licenses in Dubai which are as follows:

  1. Industrial license
  2. Professional license
  3. Commercial license
  4. Tourism license

Above-mentioned are main categories which can be further classified as per government policies and business plan.

Industrial license in Dubai:

An industrial activity is any firm that creates new products by converting raw materials made of natural resources or artificial materials. The finished product might be made mechanically or manually. Consequently, industrial trade DED license in Dubai is necessary.
It is also crucial to remember that all businesses with this kind of license are required to have a real warehouse in the nation.

Documents to get an industrial license:

  • Select the business activities that is going to involved in your manufacturing process.
  • Documents submission in DED department of economic development in Dubai to get approvals.
  • Submit signed memorandum of Association MOA along with the notary and local sponsorship papers.
  • Now once your MOA is approved and signed. It is time to get a NOC no objection certificate of ministry of economy to get your project clearance.
  • Choose a suitable place for warehouse also the Ejari certificate from the landowner.
  • Certificate of approval from municipality’s department.
  • Civil Defense NOC for your company and owners.
  • Submit all your papers and legal documents along with signed nocs to the department of economic development DED in Dubai for final licensing of industrial setup in Dubai.

Note: you might need special permissions from higher authorities if you are setting up a food manufacturing industry or narcotics company.

  • Once you get final approvals, now clear your payments, and start your industry with license in Dubai.

Professional license:

This is one of the most common licenses in this era. Professional license is basically a permit to work within the non-commercial fields. In this category a license applier can give services as a security person, fashion, fabricate or designing companies which is solely based upon art and skill services.

Commercial License in Dubai:

You can obtain a commercial license through DED, also, here you can obtain permits for other commercial operations like running a gym or running clothing stores. In this category you can avail license of trading, import and export goods and few more commercial activities.

Tourism license in Dubai

Any business activity which involves around the tourism sector can get tourism license in Dubai. Many common industries that work under this license are travel agents, inbound tour operators and outbound tour operators.

Which type of trade license will work the best for my business in Dubai?

This is a quite common query that comes in mind when someone plan out to setup tehri business in Dubai. So, the basic concept is trade license in Dubai works in specific areas of business activities and operations. This is an obvious fact that you need some agency or business consultants who going to guide you as per your business plan and nature of your work. By which you can easily determine the trade license suits the best for that business.

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