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How Much Do Sew In Extensions Cost

by Nathan Zachary

Among the different types of extensions available, sew-in hair extensions transform your hair into a longer, fuller look that you can style flawlessly to achieve the desired result. Even at home, installing sew-in hair extensions is comparatively simple and probably won’t require a helping hand (if you have mastered the art of installing sew-in hair extensions). 

With sew-in extensions, you have control over the weave volume, length, and texture, and you have control over how much or how little you want. Due to the popularity of weaves, you can choose from many options, but you might wonder, “how much do sew-in extensions cost?”. 

Well, we scoured the internet and compiled everything you need to know about sew-ins and the cost of these marvelous extensions! Continue reading to learn.

What Is Sew-In Hair Extension?

Sew-in curly extensions are a process where a stylist braids your natural hair into cornrows and installs wefts of straight, wavy, or deep wave weave bundles using a needle and a thread. Numerous braid patterns offer a variety of weave hairstyle possibilities! The vixen, beehive, and lace frontal patterns are the most popular. 

Under the weave, your natural hair is completely concealed. It gives your hair a much-needed break and shields it from everyday styling! 

How Much Do Sew-In Hair Extensions Cost?

To answer your question about how much do sew-in hair extensions cost? Several variables affect the answer. Your location and where you get your sew-in hair installed. The installation costs range from $100 to $700, excluding the weave cost, which ranges from $69 to $450 depending on the length and the quality of the hair.

Types Of Sew-In Extensions

There are primarily two categories of sew-ins; a full and a partial sew-in. Each technique has a certain goal in mind. The decision is typically determined by evaluating the level of upkeep you are willing to accept during your sew-in period.

A Full Sew-In:

  • A full sew-in involves thoroughly braiding your hair and sewing a lace frontal or closure on top of the braids.
  • You have more color and length choices with a complete sew-in. There is also no blending required. 
  • A full sew-in is low maintenance. 
  • More styling are options based on your braid pattern. 
  • Completely protects your natural hair and allows it to grow. 

A Partial Sew-In:

  • Your natural hair is only partially plaited in a partial sew-in.
  • A section of your hair is left out (known as leave-out) to blend with the weave in a partial sew-in. 
  • Your hair (leave-out) needs to be long enough to blend with the deep wave weave in a partial sew-in. 
  • To achieve a natural look, you must ensure that the sew-in hair extensions are installed properly and that the texture matches your hair. 
  • A partial sew-in is quicker to install than a full installation.

The Upside Of Choosing Sew-In Hair Extensions 

Since we have answered your question of how much do sew-in extensions cost and explained the types of sew-ins, let’s look at the upsides of wearing sew-in hair.

  • Elongates your hair incredibly and adds beautiful volume. 
  • You can choose from various textures and hair quality. 
  •  Sew-ins are perfect for thick and coarse hair. 
  • Protects your natural hair from daily manipulation and allows it to grow. 
  • Provides you with endless styling options. 
  • You can flaunt any color or texture without damaging your natural hair.

6 Things To Consider Before Choosing Sew-In Hair 

Now that you know what sew-in hair is and how much the installation costs, let’s take a look at 6 things you need to consider before getting it installed. 

Consider The Health Of Your Hair 

Since getting sew in hair extensions requires your natural hair to be tightly cornrowed for an extended time, it’s important to evaluate your hair’s health. The stylist will advise using a different kind of extension if your hair is weak or damaged to preserve the health of your hair.

Choosing Quality Hair Bundles For Sew-In 

Many types of human hair range from virgin to Remy to Indian and Brazilian, so choosing the right quality is crucial. 

We recommend Indian virgin hair bundles from Indique Hair for your natural hair because they are high quality, versatile, and can blend seamlessly. When it comes to quality, you should never compromise! You can also color the bundles to achieve the desired hue. 

Think About The Length And Volume Of Your Sew-In Hair 

Sew-ins, whether you choose curly or kinky curly hair, straight, or deep wave weave texture, you have to consider the length. Who wouldn’t want to wear a weave that is 30 inches long? You should consider the length because that kind of length isn’t always practical.

The same goes for the volume of your weave; everyone loves a volume-packed sew-in, but think about if your hair can hold that much volume. 

Choosing The Texture Of Your Sew-In Hair Extensions 

The beautiful thing about sew-in hair extensions is that since no blending is necessary, you don’t necessarily have to match the texture of your hair with the weave. Since your natural hair will be completely tucked underneath, you can go with any texture. 

Having said that, we recommend choosing a versatile texture like wavy or deep wave weave texture. These textures will allow you to heat-style them to your liking and revert to their original pattern after every wash. 

Consider The Upkeep 

Once you have decided on the length, texture, quality, and all, the next thing to consider is the upkeep. Sew-in hair extensions are relatively easy to maintain, but the upkeep is important to consider. Aside from maintenance, you will need to visit the stylist to tighten your weave, so think of the commitment. 

Choosing A Reputable Salon For Sew-In Installation 

After you have decided to get sew-in, you need to find a reputable salon or a stylist to get them installed. Finding the right stylist can be harder than you might think. To find one, research your local stylist and salons (through reviews or social media posts) and ask questions about their experience, how much they charge, and the installation time before choosing one. They help you to get various hairstyles that you desire including passion twist, braiding , buns, updos, and many more.

Researching and asking questions is important because you want to ensure that they know what they are doing and you’re not left with a bad sew-in! 

How To Maintain Sew-In Hair Extensions?

Slay your weave styles with these easy maintenance tips

As stated earlier, sew-in hair is quite easy to maintain– almost like taking care of your natural hair. Continue reading to check out our compiled list of pointers to help you maintain your weave and natural hair. 

  • Shampoo weekly to remove product build-up from your deep wave weave and oil build-up from your scalp using a sulfate-free shampoo. The sulfate-free shampoo will help prevent your hair and weave from drying while effectively cleaning it. 
  • Always follow up your shampoo session with a hydrating conditioner to revitalize your hair and extensions. 
  • Deep condition your sew-in hair weekly, especially curly and deep wavy textures, to maintain & define the curls.
  • Ensure that your weave and hair are completely dry before sleeping or styling. If either isn’t properly dried, bacteria and fungus could grow from the dampness.
  • To ensure your weave is always in top condition, sleep on either silk pillowcases or a satin scarf to wrap your hair before bed. The fabric won’t strip your weave off of the moisture. 
  • Don’t use too many products at once. The weight of the products will loosen the curly or deep wavy textures. 
  • Ensure that you visit your stylist to get your weave and natural hair professionally washed at least once during the period. 
  • Moisturize your leave-out once or twice a week and apply the leftover across the temples, crown, and nape. 

Use the information above, get the best sew-in extensions from Indique Hair, find a reliable stylist, and enjoy the versatility of sew-in hair! Indique offers a range of textures for their virgin Indian hair, from straight to wavy and curly. Head to Indique’s website or one of its stores across the US today! 

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