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How Much Does a Pack of Cigarettes Cost?

by Nathan Zachary
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There are several factors that influence cigarette prices, including state taxes, the number of cigarettes in a carton, and brand names. The price of a pack of cigarettes will generally be the same across the country but can differ significantly depending on the brand, tax rate, and the number of cigarettes in the pack. A carton of cigarettes can contain anywhere from 100 to 400 cigarettes. Purchasing cigarettes in bulk will also lower the cost. Cigarette manufacturers make several dollars per pack of cigarettes. 

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Factors that Affect Cigarette Price

Higher cigarette prices tend to reduce cigarette consumption, as price-sensitive smokers switch to cheaper brands. However, this price avoidance behavior costs the state money from excise taxes. Furthermore, price avoidance behavior dampens the impact of higher cigarette prices on health. However, most studies on the effect of higher cigarette prices relied on aggregate data and may be missing some effects.

To examine the effect of cigarette prices, researchers used aggregate data collected from two cross-sectional surveys in South Africa in 2017 and 2018. Using negative binomial regression, the researchers found that cigarette prices increase smokers’ willingness to smoke and reduce cigarette consumption. A 10% increase in price induced a 2.95% decrease in smoking.

Cigarette price has a greater effect on smoking rates at different stages of uptake. It affects smoking rates more strongly at the early stages of smoking, while a reduction in price increases the chances of quitting. This effect is particularly strong in smokers between the ages of 18 and 24.

In some states, smokers travel long distances to purchase cheaper cigarettes, use discount/generic cigarettes, or use discount coupons. In one study, smokers were most likely to buy less expensive cigarettes if they were living within 40 miles of lower cigarette excise tax locations. In addition, they were more likely to smoke in lower-cost states if they were white and non-Hispanic. These price differences may help mitigate the effects of increasing cigarette prices.

States with the Highest Cigarette Taxes

Cigarettes are heavily taxed by the federal and state governments. The tax can make up most of the cost of a pack of cigarettes. The tax also applies to other tobacco products. In some cases, the tax can be higher than the cost of the actual cigarette. Below is a breakdown of the tax rates by state.

Most states impose a cigarette tax based on the wholesale price. However, some charge a higher tax rate based on the weight or volume of the cigarette. The highest tax rate is in Washington, D.C., where taxes are equivalent to one-quarter per cigarette. On the other hand, the lowest tax rate is in Missouri, which charges only $0.17 per pack.

Tobacco taxes help pay for programs that reduce tobacco use and improve public health. Tobacco taxes can also raise much-needed revenue for state budgets. While cigarette taxes can be effective in raising money, they also pose problems, primarily because they tie up a state’s resources with growing spending categories. As a result, taxing cigarette packs could result in funding gaps, which may be counterproductive to the public health goals of cigarette taxing.

High cigarette tax rates can also foster the illicit tobacco market. According to the Mackinac Center, nearly fifty percent of cigarettes consumed in New York City are illicitly obtained. To combat this problem, states are taking steps to limit access to black-market tobacco products. For instance, most states require tobacco tax stamps on cartons before they can be legally sold. However, these stamps are often paper stamps that are easily copied. In addition, only four states require a high-tech tax stamp.

States with the Lowest Cigarette Taxes

Most states have a cigarette tax, and Missouri, for example, charges only $0.17 per pack. On the other hand, the District of Columbia charges at least $4.35 per pack of cigarettes. Other states with high cigarette taxes include Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Georgia. These states generally impose higher taxes on cigarettes than do the lower-taxed states.

While the state tax rates on cigarettes are constantly changing, you can use the map below to get an idea of what your current cigarette tax is. You can search for cigarette taxes by state or tobacco type. You can also view the list by cigarette price by state. There are 37 states with tax rates that are less than $1.00 per pack. Seventeen states have taxes that are as low as $2.00 per pack. Only one state, Vermont, has a tax that is higher than $4.00 per pack.

Cigarette taxes vary from state to state, but the majority of states increase their cigarette tax. While most states raise their cigarette tax rates every four years, there are some states that don’t. Kansas was the only state to raise its cigarette tax rates between 2009 and 2016. However, in 2017, only six states raised their cigarette taxes. The reason for the tax hikes differs from state to state, but they all aim to increase public health while collecting revenue from smokers.

Delaware: In Delaware, cigarettes are taxed at the wholesaler level. Retailers and distributors are required to affix tax stamps on each cigarette package. If a pack of cigarettes is found without the proper tax stamp, it’s considered contraband and carries a hefty fine.

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