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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Website for Business?

by Nathan Zachary
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Do you know why website maintenance is important? The reason is to ensure the smooth functioning of the website.

There are hundreds of factors involved in web designing, maintaining, and upgrading it from time to time.

Being an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the possible risks of investing in the same website. The same goes for the group.

Although, It is difficult to estimate the value of website maintenance without even identifying the problems. However, the average and normal website maintenance range from $2000 to $10,000. This is a rough structure based on observation and experience. It may vary depending on the website’s type, size, and features.

Cost Estimation of Website Maintenance:

Every website is different. From design to the platform, a single thing matters the most when it comes to maintaining it.

One of the most important elements to remember in this process is the website features. The more you look for advanced and complex options, the greater the price will be.

If you compare a small business website with a large enterprise, you will find there are huge differences. Always include the cost of premium tools software and hire a professional person for the required job.

Here is the estimated website maintenance cost for your guidance:

1- Domain Name and Registration:

A domain is necessary for any website with a professional purpose. If you are looking for a free website on a subdomain, this is a totally different thing. But a professional website domain name registration will cost between $10-$20 per year.

In addition, the maintenance cost of your domain name depends on your domain registrar and what you select for the domain ending. If there is anything extraordinary, the price range can exceed the estimated normal one.

2- Web Hosting:

There are different sizes and types of websites. So the hosting requirements are as per the performance and features. Therefore, website maintenance cost in terms of small to medium eCommerce is $25-$100 per. On the other hand, the large website requires $100-$500 monthly.

3- Design Modification:

Design modification doesn’t mean changing the entire design. It updates the infographics header, brings innovation in the product design, etc. The average maintenance for website design will cost $1600-$2000.

Apart from hiring a professional who will cost some extra bucks, you can use advanced tools for making the process budget-friendly.

4- Content Marketing:

Without content creation and marketing, it is difficult for a business to grow. Consider content writing as a part of website maintenance, too, because to compete in the market, one has to keep the website updated as per the new trends.

According to the Custom Ecommerce Website Development Services, you can write and update the content of your website yourself. Other than this, you can hire professional freelance writers as well. The cost of making the content changes is $2000-$3000 on a monthly basis.

5- Technical Support:

Customer support is essential for a website. The forms of technical support include email, chat, call, etc. So, a smooth and error-free connection is the demand and topmost priority of the customers.

The yearly maintenance of the technical support system will roughly charge $2000. If you are taking help from any kind of software, it may give you a relief comparative and cost you to some extent.

6- Secure Sockets Layer Certificate:

SSL is responsible for protecting visitor information. Getting a certificate will charge you approximately $1500 yearly.

A website’s security is crucial for protecting it against any malware and hacking activities. A lot of premium software is available for the maintenance and security of the website.

Therefore, knowing the details of website maintenance costs is mandatory. You will be charging security plugins for around $50-$100 yearly, depending on the size and requirement of a business.

Understand and Apply the Method Accurately:

After so much awareness and information available online, still few business owners do not know the importance of maintaining a website. An ecommerce store needs proper updates of features to make the website procedure work flawlessly.

Keep maintaining and updating your business website to generate new leads successfully.

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