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How Much Structural Welders Get Paid?

by Nathan Zachary

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How Much Do Structural Welders Get Paid?
The salary figures for structural welders will surprise you. It is one of the most sought-after
welding employment prospects. Professionals in structural welding are allowed to work on
building sites. The average salary for a structural welder will be discussed in this article.
What exactly is structural welding?
Several industries employ structural welding as a manufacturing method. It is also referred to as
a structural fabrication. It is used to create ships, bridges, skyscrapers, and structures. Large,
heavy, and awkward components must be connected throughout this operation.
Many current industrial methods include structural welding. They are as follows:
● Manufacturing
● Engineering
● Construction
● Manufacturing Technology
Structural welders (sometimes called structural fitters) are highly skilled craftspeople. They put
together, installed, and fixed steel, wood, and concrete constructions. They frequently work in
or on construction projects.
Most structural welders specialize in one area. Some professionals specialize in pipefitting, pipe
welding, or structural steel welding.
Engineers and structural welders collaborate. They utilize computers to take measurements,
plan designs, and build models. They create constructions that are safe and meet structural
Structural welders typically operate outside in all weather conditions. They frequently work on
tall buildings, where the risk of falling or being injured is considerable. Their labor can be
exhausting, hazardous, and demanding.
Salary of a Structural Welder
Do you want to be a structural welder? It’s more than just making enough money to spend on
your desired things. This employment will provide pride and stability as you work to protect your
family’s financial future.
The average wage of a structural welder is broken down below.
Wages Paid Per Hour
Structural welders have a steady salary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they
earn a median hourly income of $20.79.
Daily Earnings
Welders of structural steelwork eight hours a day. Their daily wage is $166.32 on average. They
however, be paid in installments.
Earnings Per Week
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly wage for a structural welder
is $831.60.
Salary Per Month
If structural welders work 160 hours each week
their monthly income will be $3400.
Salary Per Year
According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a structural welder earns roughly $48,000
annually. In addition, structural welders might work part-time or full-time.
What Factors Influence a Structural Welder’s Salary?
Although structural welder salaries vary, several common characteristics will influence these
compensation figures. Let’s have a look at them.
Background in Education
The importance of education in deciding a structural welder’s wage cannot be overstated.
Structural welders with less schooling should expect to make less than those with a degree.
Many employers in the business will view this as a bad trait. Nonetheless, having a college
degree means having more job experience and superior skills. Some companies will hire
structural welders who have no formal education. They will, however, require at least a high
school graduation from their employees.
More experienced structural welders have more options to earn a higher income. Experienced
structural welders can earn between $55,000 and $60,000 per year. Less skilled structural
welders can earn roughly $30,000.
Structural welding employment can be found all around the world. Many structural welding
employment is located in the manufacturing, construction, and utility industries. Those who work
near major urban regions will earn more money.
There are a few structural welding employment available in remote locations. However, these
roles are only available in highly specialized fields.
Do Structural Welders Earn More?
You’ve heard of structural welder salary, but did you realize they earn more than other
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, structural welders earn an average of $30 per
hour or $56,000 per year. It is greater than the average wage for several other welders, such as
pipe welders, who make $20 per hour or $40,000 per year.
Because they typically work long hours, structural welders earn more than other welders. They
are primarily minimum-wage employees that work overtime shifts.
Are Bonuses and Benefits Given to Structural Welders?
They do, indeed. Becoming a structural welder can help you earn additional benefits.
Throughout their careers, structural welders enjoy several advantages and bonuses.
One of the most gratifying occupations in the construction business is structural welding. You
usually think about making more money when looking for a new job. However, considering
becoming a structural welder, consider the possibility of additional benefits.
Benefits and bonuses enable structural welders to be more effective in their work. As a result
is critical to comprehend all of this. The following are the primary advantages of working as a
structural welder.
● Insurance for life
● Health coverage
● Paid vacation
● On-site fitness center
● Program for Referrals

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