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How Much Time Does It Take to Write a Book?

by Nathan Zachary

That is a serious query.

And it’s a query that calls for a thorough response.

In many ways, writing a book is similar to producing a work of art. Furthermore, nothing related to great art can ever be measured or quantified. Estimating a time frame for the creation of a book without taking some of the potential factors into account is extremely difficult, if not outright impossible.

From the time a book is first conceived until it is finished, we at Expert Book Writers take about a month on average. It could take longer or shorter than a month, though, depending on the precise requirements. What, then, are some of the elements that actually affect when the book will be finished?

Timeline Prediction

You should be aware of the following when writing a book:

Nonfiction vs. Fiction

Above all else, the type of book and the amount of work required to create it will determine how long it takes to write that particular book. Non-fiction book writing is typically simpler than writing fiction.

Investigation and Planning

One of the determining factors when it comes to estimating the timeline is the amount of effort that goes into the creation of the book itself, in addition to the type of book you want to write. For instance, it would obviously take you longer to finish the book if you chose a novel theme in your area of expertise that necessitates extensive research.

The Extent And Caliber

Both of these things have the potential to significantly lengthen your book’s timeline. The length issue is pretty obvious. The length of the book will increase as the number of pages increases. It isn’t complicated science. The quality of the book and how it affects how long it takes to finish it are typically more debatable factors.

Here’s an illustration of how the length and caliber of the book affect the amount of time it takes to write. The first book in the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, which served as the basis for HBO’s Game of Thrones, was published back in 1996. The series is still going strong in 2016.

Martin may not necessarily be a slower writer than most; despite what some may claim. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy only has 473,000 words, so the series easily outnumbers it with more than 1,770,000 words. The complexity of the series’ imagined world, the sheer number of characters, and its intricate plot are additional factors contributing to its slow publication.

Editorial standards

Because of the hype and anticipation surrounding the book, some books are written in a matter of months or even years. This is because the publishers are interested in the finished product. The Harry Potter books serve as a good illustration. J.K. Rowling famously spent five years writing the first book. She continued to produce new books every one to two years after that.

Measurable Daily Improvement

Despite all of the aforementioned factors that come into play when writing a book, a truly professional writer is one who makes significant progress each and every day, without pause or writer’s block. Such seasoned professionals make up our ghostwriting team. Because of this, we are able to provide you with a precise estimation of the timeline for a typical book.

When the going gets tough, our writers can crank out 8 to 10 pages for an urgent book each day. A staggering 2800–3500 words of high-quality content can be produced in a single day at the rate of 350 words per page. We can finish a 50-page book in about two weeks at this rate.

For the majority of projects, it takes us about a month to finish a 50-page report. Of course, some are simpler to handle than others, and some subjects require more time to discuss.

Even better, you can receive daily drafts and keep track of your book’s development at all times. You can also work with expert copywriters through Alpha Book Writers if you need help finishing your book but are unable to find the time to write it. We can assist you in achieving your goal of becoming a published author with your input and our qualified approach.

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