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How MyAssignmentHelp is better than Essayshark

by Nathan Zachary
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MyAssignmenthelp and Essayshark are two primary competitors in the academic writing industry. Read to know what students saying in Essayshark reviews and MyAssignmenthelp reviews.

Academic writing is a flowering industry in the age of the ed-tech revolution. But among a plethora of players worldwide, there are only a handful of premium organisations. Two such companies are MyAssignmenthelp and Essayshark. But when we tied to compare the two, our choice was MyAssignmenthelp. Their services are better than Essayshark in more ways than one. This blog presents some pertinent points that strike a different chord favouring MyAssignmenthelp. So, let’s discuss the differences we found and compare the most industry rivals.

1. Difference in loading time

The loading or processing time is a valuable consideration for users. It is usually considered the first impression of any buyer of that particular service. For example, when we search on the internet with Essayshark, it takes quite some time extra to open its service pages. Also, clients have reported that the final processing time makes some difference in the on-time delivery commitment of the company.

But in MyAssignmenthelp, the first impression is great for any user. You click, and it opens up the entire website immediately. Moreover, the final submission time and processing errors are also speedy compared to the former. So, it is a far more legit service provider than Essayshark.

2. Complications in the subscription process

The subscription process on Essayshark is a bit more complicated than on MyAssignmenthelp. It requires you to provide all personal details, academic details, and the client’s present situation. But with MyAssignmenthelp, you need to put your email address, phone number and fundamental personal details. Then upload the proforma of the question as to the attachment.

This complication has made the ordering process too complicated for Essayshark. Many clients of MyAssignmenthelp have reported a shift to the company because of the cumbersome nature of file submission. Anyway, MyAssignmenthelp is way more reliable than Essayshark regarding the delivery mechanism.

3. Delivery issues

Many clients of Essayshark reported that its on-time delivery commitments are not met occasionally. Sometimes the reworks and revisions are not worthy of considering a change. It is a severe issue with the company.

Whereas MyAssignmenthelp is way swifter and more instant when it comes to delivery. It has some severe real-time commitment to the delivery issues. It faces most traffic during the assignment submission seasons. This has led the company way ahead of its competitors.

MyAssignmenthelp has a fully functional domain that looks at the individual issues of its customers. Moreover, its 24×7 writing services are well known to many of its competitors, where the experts work day and night to guarantee the services. Hence MyAssignmenthelp is way ahead of Essayshark in delivery commitment.

4. Plagiarism checking

In many erstwhile cases, some orders received from Essayshark have a few plagiarism percentages. It is not so that they are advanced with their technologies or writing abilities. But still, such results are never seen in the case of MyAssignmenthelp. It is because the latter have multiple rounds of checking before final submission.

5. International presence

The international presence of Essayshark is highly restricted. Their orders are primarily from average developing countries. Whereas MyAssignmenthelp has an immense reputation as a first-rate international service provided. It is a registered address on its official website, which makes it a more consolidated organisation and released by more than what others perform.

So, hope you bought our argument and will bank on the right website in the future.

Author Bio: Ricky hardy is a review writer on Topassignmentreviews.com. He serves legit reviews for different academic platforms. In addition, he loves long drives in his spare time.

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