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How teeth health can cause back pain

by Nathan Zachary

First things first, Teeth can cause back pain. Postural imbalances can be caused by misalignments in dentition or other phenomena like bruxism.

This can lead to cervical and lumbar discomfort. The dentist plays a central role in postural rehabilitation.

Are the teeth causing your back pain? It is possible and more common than you might think. According to the top teeth cosmetic dentist London Ontario specialist, The link between the health of your mouth and the position of your teeth is very strong.

These connections pass through the temporomandibular junction (also known as TMJ), which is a crossroads in the human body. TMJ disorders, bite defects, and dental malocclusions are all possible causes of back pain.

Malocclusion is the key to tooth problems and back pain.

The core of all things is dental malocclusion. This is an incorrect closing of the two arches of teeth that make up the mouth. This defect is caused by activating some jaw muscles abnormally and making them work too hard.

The mandibular muscle loosens all tension on the spine, which is the transmission belt that binds the entire body. This is how lower back problems and cervical problems can occur.

What causes malocclusion? There may be many reasons. For example, a missing tooth or a bad filling.

Even neglected care can lead to back and postural problems. In many cases, dental malocclusion can be due to the unique conformation of teeth and mouth, as they developed in childhood. For example, the narrow palette can lead to tooth crowding.

Back pain and bruxism

In the discussion of the relationships between teeth and back, a separate chapter is needed bruxism. This refers to the tendency for many people to grind their teeth too much, either during the day (or especially) at night (night bruxism).

This is a common condition that is often overlooked. However, it has important consequences for the entire body from head to feet.

If left untreated, even bruxism can cause back pain. What is the solution? The solution? A visit to a specialist, and the application of a custom tooth splint, will restore the proper closure of your mouth and relax your jaw muscles.

The holistic approach to pain management

The conclusion of what has been stated so far is natural. Sometimes, the dentist can help to “cure” pain, or even prevent it from arising.

It is important to use a holistic approach that views the human body as a whole and not as a collection of individual segments. This allows us to see the role of the dentist and insert teeth in a more fluid way and with a greater view of collaboration.

It all starts with an in-depth Occlusion-Postural Examination. This allows for a detailed diagnosis. The body position, chewing, and resting habits are all examined. These relationships are now being studied in dentistry’s gnathology branch.

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The possibilities of intervention vary depending on the cause and the problem. These range from the bit to braces to prosthetics. All of these are done to re-establish the correct postural balance.

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