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How to Add More Resale Value to Your Condo Through Renovation?

by Nathan Zachary
Condo nterior Design Singapore

Are you considering selling your condo, or are you only looking for fresh strategies to increase the value of your largest investment? Making a few renovations might immediately raise your unit’s potential selling price and make it more desirable to potential purchasers.

However, there are some specific enhancements you should concentrate on to optimize returns if you want to get the most for your money. In rare situations, you could get 100% of your investment back from these enhancements.

Here is some condo interior design Singapore upgrades that increase the value of your condo:

A New Restroom:

The condition of the bathroom is one of the first things a potential condo buyer would take into account. It may be time for a remodel if your bathroom is a few decades out of date in terms of design. Your return on investment for bathroom improvements is often in the range of 100% in competitive real estate markets like Singapore.

Therefore, don’t be reluctant to devote a sizeable percentage of your renovation money to this crucial space. Don’t, however, overspend on opulent furnishings and finishes. Keep it tasteful and neutral; fancier fixtures might not be to everyone’s taste.

Making the Floor New:

Realtors in Singapore frequently concur that a condo unit with hardwood flooring will sell more quickly and for a higher price. Additionally, you have a chance to recoup between 80% and 100% of the cash you invested in the flooring replacement procedure.

Because they are simple to maintain, better for allergy sufferers and have a timeless appearance that complements practically any interior design preference, hardwood floors are popular with prospective homebuyers. Consider refinishing the existing boards if your wood floors already exist but are beginning to appear a touch worn out.

It doesn’t take much sanding and staining to bring back the luster of your flooring.

Renovation of the Kitchen:

The kitchen should always be a part of any HDB 5 room resale renovation that boosts value, much as the bathroom. Even if your budget is limited, think about updating your kitchen. This might be as easy as repainting your cabinets, changing the kitchen faucet, or putting a new light fixture above the island.

Keep it neutral yet fashionable once again to increase your profits when it comes time to sell. In general, homeowners may anticipate recovering the majority, if not the whole cost of a kitchen makeover.

An Updated Paint Job:

Updating a condominium? A unit that appears worn out and outdated can be greatly improved with paint. By applying some plaster, sanding it, and applying many fresh coats of bright, neutral paint, you may quickly and simply fix any existing cracks or dents in your wall.

Keep in mind that maintaining neutrality will increase interest in your condo when it comes time to sell. Lighter hues will give the impression that your apartment has more room and is more inviting. If you decide to use many colors, be careful to give your painting some thought in advance to make sure everything will work nicely together.

To test the color on the walls and see how it appears throughout the day, ask your local paint store for a few little samples.

New Appliance Installation:

The majority of potential homebuyers aren’t too keen on acquiring brand-new appliances when they move into a new condo, so if you can make existing appliances look more current and coordinated, take advantage of this chance to make your place more desirable.

If your appliances aren’t too old but do appear a little worn out, you might inquire with the makers about perhaps receiving replacement front panels.

Fun fact: Since many dishwashers feature two-sided panels, you might be able to quickly and easily alter it by just flipping it over!

Creating Storage Area:

Singapore Condo owners and tenants are aware of how scarce space may be in these big-city apartments, so your capacity to ingeniously and successfully add extra storage will be crucial. If you want to make your apartment more appealing without taking up important floor space, think about putting some floating shelves.

Consider installing some racks in the kitchen to hang pots, pans, and cooking equipment. If you have the room and the money, think about expanding an existing closet or, if you can, building a brand-new one.

Adjust the Lighting:

You should think about ambient lighting in addition to natural lighting when planning the lighting in your condo. To allow as much natural light as possible, remove any heavy drapes or dark blinds and replace them with lighter window coverings.

Your area will look larger, brighter, and cleaner the more natural light you have. Upgrade any outdated fixtures, put in pot lights or recessed lighting, and add a dimmer switch for ambient lighting. Another quick and inexpensive approach to update or modernize your condo is to replace the outdated light switches and receptacle covers.

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