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How to Pass an Online Exam in 2022 with The Best Tips?

by Nathan Zachary
Online Exam Tips

The pandemic has transformed the way we live; whether it’s social gatherings, education, work, shopping, or communication. Now, safety is a priority and everything is adapted accordingly. People have now become more accustomed to virtual environments.

When it comes to education, the online exam system is a new way. Initially, learners faced challenges to acclimate to the distinct learning environment, however, now things have changed. Successful students have learned effective learning strategies to maintain their academic records.

The reason is that they know that preparing for an online exam requires them to be smarter rather than work harder.

What are the Useful Tips to Pass an Online Exam in 2022?

The article will discuss some useful tips that will help you pass an exam with flying grades.

Be Regular

If you want to achieve high, you should regularly attend classes. And when attending lessons, you should pay full attention to the concepts, and make good notes. The notes will later help you in preparing for the exam.

Group Study

If you feel motivated among your friends, you should form study groups and prepare for exams. Helping classmates in preparing for exams will enhance your concepts, develop good study habits, improve group project outcomes, and uplift confidence.

Get Help from Teachers

Some people are not comfortable studying in groups. In this situation, if you find difficulty in understanding a concept or topic, your teacher can surely help. The best way is to study the topic, list down problems, and request an after-class meeting to discuss things. You may also write an email to your professor. It will help you understand the class material in a better way, gain helpful study tips, and excel in your exams. Your professor is more likely to recognize your efforts and appreciate you.

Post Flashcards in your Study Room

Another very useful tip to excel in exams is to write key concepts, facts, figures, and definitions on flashcards, and post them in your study room. You can try quizzing yourself often, and master the subject. However, now digital flashcards and study apps can also prove very helpful in organizing and learning study material.  

Creating notes of the most important parts of the subject and reformatting important concepts and facts into charts, diagrams, mind maps, and visuals can help you quickly learn new concepts.

Study in an Inspiring Environment

Your external environment plays a crucial role in how well you study. Some people are more comfortable in peaceful environments such as libraries, however, others might like studying alone. A few people love to study on their study desks or study room, while others may prefer studying in nature. Know your inspirations and choose a perfect study spot. It will surely help improve your exam grades.

Switch Topics

It is an undeniable fact, that spending too much time on one subject may affect your concentration level. You may feel exhausted and bored, and your study pace slows down. However, when studying for college exams, you should try switching topics every few hours. It will help prevent learning lassitude. You may re-consider difficult topics after small breaks.

Revise, Revise and Revise

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve principle state that a human brain is likely to forget 70% of the info they learn within 24 hours. So learning new ideas, and revising the previous ones will help improve conceptual understanding and retention. Hence, it is highly recommended to quickly review concepts every day. You may divide chapters into different sections and revise the content. Make notes to summarize the concepts, so that you can review them through notes, rather than reading the chapter again. You should bookmark difficult topics to revise later.

Staying Organized Can Help

Staying organized can help you study more effectively. You may schedule lessons, assignments, and projects and keep a track of deadlines. It will help you perform better and score well.

Find A Tuition

If you feel, you need extra support for a subject, you may find Online Exam Helper in the UK. However, you may also find tuition in your area, or on your college campus. The best way is to search online, talk to your student advisor about academic support services for overseas students, display an advert in the college, or discuss it with your friends or classmates. You may easily find tutors for every subject.

Master Concepts

Memorizing and understanding are two different things. If you memorize concepts, you tend to forget early, and will not be able to handle diverse questions related to the topic. However, if you try to understand concepts, you will know the deeper meaning and will be able to apply knowledge in different settings and relate to different concepts. You must know that exams are usually designed to test your understanding, rather than your memorization skills.

Make Sure to Attend Review Sessions

A majority of the teachers offer pre-test review sessions usually before the exams. It is always a great idea to attend those. You will be able to revise concepts, learn important info, know the exam format, tips to attempt questions, and how your professor will evaluate you. These things you might not be able to find on the internet, so, they will help you excel in exams.

Learn to Attempt Different Types of Questions

Remember that modern exam are a combination of different types of questions such as MCQs, essay questions, true or false, fill in the blanks, match the correct answer, funnel questions, rhetorical questions, and much more. So, you should know the skills to attempt every type of question. Imagine if you have all the knowledge about a subject but you are not efficient at attempting essay questions or MCQs, you may end up messing up the exam or be short of time.

Set Realistic Goals

If you want to excel in exams, it is a great idea to set realistic goals and determine the amount of time you allocate to studying. For this, you may plan a study session, set a goal, and write everything in your planner.

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