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How to Become a Bestselling Author & Get on a Bestseller

by Nathan Zachary

Whether you are an experienced writer or new to the field of writing,  working on any writing book, including your book, is challenging. Young writers have bigger expectations as they begin writing. While experienced writers who may have published 5 to 6 books published feel that writing attractive and engaging content is quite challenging, it requires hard work and strong willpower to stay persistent. To become a certified best-selling author, writers need self-motivation to keep up their momentum and high spirit in every stage of writing. Furthermore, they should also acquire knowledge of which method of publication is beneficial for selling their book. Traditional publishing is long-delayed that may frustrate a writer.

Moreover,  writers must pay back their advances before earning additional royalties. Conversely, self-published authors start making once their book gets published. The authors bring a high royalty rate as compared to traditional publishing.

Why do you aspire to become an Amazon best-selling author

The question that continues to arise in our minds should include the title of the bestselling author should be given to the authors who hit the top big list on Amazon. Whether you desire to become The New York Times bestseller, the Wall Street Journal, or USA Today, you need to plan an effective marketing strategy to sell your book. It is observed that many writers receive the bestseller title not because they have a large volume of books sold but due to their clever marketing techniques that captivate a larger audience. The best methods of book marketing involve selling yourself and your book. Target your distribution to the audience interested in the book’s subject matter. Let readers know how the book will benefit them. Hence,  it will encourage them to purchase your book.

Many writers wish to be identified as best-selling authors because it increases their credibility and builds brand image. It proves your book has huge market credibility and authenticity on different platforms. Hence, your book has high business value. Having the name on the bestseller list allows writers to plan to get 10,000+ pre-orders. Selling 5,000 books in a year is considered a good performance. Once the velocity of sales increases to weekly and monthly, you can start planning to hit many bestselling platforms. While working on your smart marketing campaign, the writer needs to know the bestseller list’s rules. If the book is not properly marketed,  the author knowing relevant book marketing rules, will keep the book ascending on all the bestseller lists. E-book rankings from leading online vendors help authors publish their books in print, electronic, or just one format that brings bulk sales.

Moreover, the author gets recognition as a thought leader as they reveal the meaning and purpose of writing a book. The attractive book cover designers with unique visual impact attract wider customers. Moreover, an engaging short text on the book covers mesmerizes readers. Creating awesome blogs helps readers to know about your writing skills and drive traffic to your landing page. Thus, helping your book reach prospective customers.

How can you Become an Amazon bestselling author?

  • Have a tactical writing plan

The best strategy to become the best seller author is to schedule a time and place to write a few engaging passages daily. Writers can be further guided by professional book writing services to keep up the momentum of writing a book from beginning to end. To begin with, writers need to pen down all the ideas that pop up in their minds. Subsequently, create small writing goals that can be achieved daily. Setting writing goals from  250 to 300 words will boost their creativity. Though this is a short goal, it will entice the author to keep writing and gain proficiency with time.

  • Build a strategy for book writing

Once the writer starts writing his book, he should choose the genre of writing. Decide whether you want to write a fiction or nonfiction book and come up with a book idea that is widely cherished by the audience. Consequently, identifying the choice and interest of the targeted audience will bring higher sales value.

 Composing the outline provides a structure to your book. It begins with an engaging book introduction that hooks the readers. The outline of each chapter should not be lengthy and create suspense and excitement in readers. Finally, the book’s conclusion should summarize the book neatly. Avoid telling the whole story; rather, stimulate readers to find a solution to the problem. Writers may lose consistency while creating the first draft. Setting deadline help writers to work with constancy and gain pace in writing  

Book positioning

Book positioning strategy allows writers to identify their book audience. In the initial stage, many authors think their book can easily reach everyone. However, it can be challenging. Introducing the book’s objectives and its purpose of writing will hook the reader’s attention. Book positioning increase visibility among the readers, allowing them to know what they want from the book,   the benefits they will get from reading it,  and to express their emotions.

  • Build an author platform

The key strategy to building your credibility as a best-selling author is to have an author platform. Book writing companies suggest writers form an author platform that will help reach your book quicker to your target audience. Through this platform, target readers and the general public can easily discover your books, who you are, and your aspiration to create the book. You can boost your brand visibility on different online marketing platforms. Attract new readers regularly. The author platform helps to develop meaningful relationships with influencers and marketers who will further help to promote your brand on digital platforms. Hence, you can boost your credibility as a best-selling author and build the trust of your target readers.

  • Publication process

Once the book gets completed, it’s time to choose the right publishing platform. Decide whether you want to pursue self-publishing or traditional publishing. If you opt for traditional publishing, it is a more formal approach to let an author’s work reach out to the masses. However, it is also a more time-consuming process. Self-publishing helps the book reach the market faster than traditional publishing. When a book is self-published on Amazon or another publishing platform, the writer receives up to 70 percent of the royalty. The writers also acquire the rights to an adaptation of the book. Hence, the author needs to identify the right publishing platform that suits their financial plan.

  • Market Your e-book on social media

Once you identify your customer’s preferences, you can create engaging social media marketing campaigns. For instance, make yourself visible on social media and build credibility with your potential customers. Many readers like to contact the author directly to know about the book’s essential aspects that motivate them to buy it. Target a larger audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Link the landing page to Facebook posts. Generate an author page that increases brand awareness among a potential and wider audience.

  • Build a large launch team

As your ultimate goal is to hit the bestseller list in the first week of your launch, you need a dedicated launch team to help market your book. The team reaches out to book promotion sites and promotes the book by employing exclusive promotional methods. A solid launch plan will help you become a bestseller author on Amazon.

To recapitulate

Today, an author gained New York Times bestseller title as they sold 10,000 copies of the book in the first week of its publication. Successful writers follow a structural writing framework. The book title, cover, and design are all optimized and made captivating to hook the audience’s attention. Once the book is completed, the author must choose the right publishing platform. The bestselling books follow comprehensive pre-launch marketing tactics that promote the book on social media and landing pages. Thus, having the right marketing strategy and the best launching team enable you to become Amazon bestselling author

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