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How to Buy an Industrial Property in Fort Worth?

by Nathan Zachary
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If you want to buy an industrial property, then Fort Worth assures promising investment opportunities. The population is growing at a rapid pace and the rental yields aren’t shabby either. It has a well-balanced market when it comes to industrial inventory; therefore, leaving a huge room for development. To identify the best investment opportunity, get expert real estate brokerage services in Fort Worth.

This guide will help you with the essential steps to buying an industrial property in Fort Worth.

Set Your Real Estate Investment Strategy

To narrow down your search for the most suitable investment property, it is important to have a clear strategy in mind. The common investment options include:

  • New industrial construction projects
  • Turnkey rental properties
  • Fix and flip
  • The BRRRR method, i.e., Build, Rehab or Renovate, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat

Consider the pros & cons of each of these investment models to filter your industrial property search and financing options.

Consider Your Funding Options

Industrial investment properties move pretty quickly in Fort Worth. Therefore, it is important that you secure your financing options in advance. The most common funding options are conventional loans, joint ventures, or hard money lenders in Fort Worth.

Identify Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Searching for industrial properties yourself can be a time-consuming process. Additionally, a lack of experience and networking in this field may prevent you from identifying lucrative opportunities.

An ideal option is to hire real estate brokerage services in Fort Worth that specialize in industrial properties. Industrial brokers are familiar with market conditions and lesser-known opportunities that can help drive long-term value for your investments.

Perform Due Diligence

An industrial broker will also do due diligence on your behalf, determining if the property matches your investment goals. They will consider important factors like:

  • Proximity to major transportation hubs, such as ports, railways, highways, etc.
  • Wide public roads and ease of accessibility for large trucks
  • Drive-through accessibility
  • Extensive hardstand for loading/unloading of trucks, docking, etc.
  • Exposure to natural calamities
  • Tenancy trends and average industrial rental prices in the area
  • Scope for future developments

On finding a suitable industrial property, the real estate broker will negotiate with the developer/seller on your behalf to get the best terms and price. Get the project financed and complete the agreement.


Buying an industrial property can be tricky. Get expert real estate brokerage services in Fort Worth from TAG Industrial and secure a lucrative investment opportunity.

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