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How to buy HDMI cable

by Nathan Zachary
How to buy HDMI cable

First, confirm the version of the HDMI cable

 Now the 1.4 version of the wire supports higher resolution, more conducive to the family HDTV, and support the latest 3D features, choose 3D theater at the same time do not forget to choose the 1.4 version of the wire, in order to have high-quality 3D effect.

Cabletime brand also provides HDMI 2.1 and HDMI 2.0 versions, supporting 8K resolution

Second, pay attention to the size of the HDMI interface

 Confirm the size of the interface, microHDMI width size of about 6 mm; standard interface for HDMI (Type A), width of about 14.4 mm; MiniHDMI, width size of 10.5 mm.

Third, HDMI cable is not the longer the better

 Choose the right length. It is best to measure the length needed before purchase. It is best to give a margin of 1250px to the measurement results. HDMI best transmission distance within 7 meters. Generally more than 20 meters of HDM cable will require a signal amplifier.

Fourth, too thin HDMI cable do not choose

First of all, regardless of the brand, too thin HDMI cable is certainly not to choose. The material of the core and the thickness of the shield are very relevant to the quality of the signal, too thin wire must be the core and shield to do a “shrinkage”, you must pay more attention to. HDMI common wire gauge there are four, the larger the number the thinner, the shorter the transmission distance. So the price is also higher.

Five, choose the brand HDMI cable, more peace of mind

 CABLETIME is a well-known brand of HDMI cable, sold on Selling, Amazon, worthy of your trust.

Six, pay attention to the interface gold-plated brightness

The better quality HDMI cable on the market now uses 24K gold plating, which can effectively solve the problem of poor contact after repeated plugging and dialing, so as to avoid signal loss and affect the picture effect.

CABLETIME brand offers HDMI cables that can meet all standards for your choice, click here to buy.

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