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How to choose an online school and learn a new profession

by Nathan Zachary

The online education market in Australia is growing: due to the closure of offline jobs, people are looking for new remote professions. We tell you what specialties are in demand now, where it is best to study BSB50120 diploma of business and how much it costs.

How Australian online education works

In 2020, the online education market has more than doubled : Australians spend about 54 billion rubles on courses. This is due to quarantine and a massive transition to remote work, experts say. People who have lost their usual offline work are mastering digital professions: programming, digital marketing, business analytics and design.

There are hundreds of course offers on the market, but large companies with revenues of 100 million rubles. no more than 50 per year. The ten largest schools account for about 40% of all sales on the market, and about 14 million students study in them. The table below shows Australian schools with the largest revenue (excluding sites for learning foreign languages, creating online courses, business education and school subjects for children).

SchoolWhat does it teach
SkillBoxProgramming , Marketing , Design _
Geek BrainsProgramming , Marketing , Business Intelligence, Management , Design
netologyMarketing, management, programming , design , analytics
Yandex.WorkshopProgramming , marketing , design, foreign languages, management , analytics
Aktion-MCFERAccounting, accounting, management, public procurement
SkillFactoryProgramming , marketing , analytics _

The online education market was growing by 17-25% per year before the pandemic . This is due to the emergence of new jobs in companies that are connected to the Internet. In addition, due to the rapid development of technology in companies, the approach to education is also changing. If earlier people received diplomas in universities and colleges and had a profession for life, today you need to constantly study new areas and acquire new skills.

How to choose a new profession

Before choosing a school, decide on a profession. Think about what you want to do and try taking career guidance tests.

  1. Remember what subjects at school and university were easy for you. If everything was in order with mathematics and computer science, then you can try to become a programmer. If the humanities were better, try courses for copywriters and editors. If you have talent for creativity, you can master the profession of a designer.
  2. Take free online courses on choosing a profession, for example, from Skillbox or Yandex.Practicum . In them, experts talk about different professions and offer career guidance methods. This will help you understand what professions are in demand now and which ones you are more predisposed to.
  3. Read stories about the personal experiences of professionals and those who found work after online courses. Many schools have blogs that publish stories and interviews of former students. They talk about the pros and cons of the job, about the necessary knowledge and skills.

How online schools help with employment

Says Python-developer Larisa Petrova from Cheboksary.

How I chose a new profession. Two years ago, I already worked in IT, but not as a developer – I saved and uploaded data in the database of a medical company. I wanted to grow and increase my income. I paid for an online course in Python programming, because these skills are now valued in the market – you can find a job as a developer, data analyst, and even try your hand at artificial intelligence.

How do I choose an online school? I have developer friends who recommended the school to me. It was important for me to retrain in a year and get a job offer. Judging by the reviews, the graduates of my school did get jobs.

How I learned. It was not easy to study and work at the old job at the same time – there was almost no free time left. The entire training took 12 months, I successfully passed the test and received a certificate of completion of the course.

How I found a new job. Already in the fourth month of training, I was contacted by the employees of the employment center of this online school. My resume was perfect for one of the vacancies – companies are constantly looking for employees through schools.

The position was similar to my last job. It was a remote job in a large Moscow company with a salary of a third more. I was tired of wasting time traveling to the office and agreed. When I finished my Python course, I was already working for a new company.

Why an online school if you can learn from free websites and textbooks

iOS developer Fedor Losev says:

– You can learn everything from scratch yourself – there are a lot of materials on the Internet on programming languages ​​and modern technologies. But at school, this can be done faster and more efficiently with a study plan and regular classes. Students receive the necessary knowledge from professionals step by step and practice a lot.

How I decided to change my profession. I received a higher education in construction and worked on a diploma until 2016. It is difficult to develop in this area in Australia – companies are not interested in the progress of employees, and salaries are small. I was advised to pay attention to IT: self-education is valued there, and incomes grow as you develop. I decided to learn programming for free.

How I learned. By the age of 28, my programming skills were limited to school. But in just a month I mastered the first language. Back then, I was skeptical about online courses and learned everything from free websites and textbooks. Later, I realized that learning in IT continues throughout a career. You can’t learn everything before entering the profession, it’s much more important to find your first job as an intern, learn from real projects and ask experienced colleagues.


  1. The economy is changing: new professions replace old ones. During the pandemic, the demand for remote work and freelancing has grown. Therefore, you need to be ready to change your profession: you can learn it on your own or in paid online schools.
  2. From a change of profession, you can win in income immediately, and then increase your salary as you gain experience.
  3. Almost everything can be learned by yourself from the materials on the Internet. But this requires perseverance and consistency. Paid courses have advantages: practice with professionals, create a portfolio and the opportunity to get a job right away.
  4. Choose large online schools that have many employed graduates. They constantly improve programs and cooperate with employers.

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