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How To Choose The Best Lash Lift in 2022

by Nathan Zachary
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Imagine getting a salon-quality beauty treatment from the comfort of your own home. You can, after all! The most excellent lash lift kits have transformed the cosmetic industry by allowing anybody to have the curly lashes of their dreams without spending a fortune at the spa.

Choose lash lift kits to save money and cut back on salon visits. Lash lift kits usually include everything you need for an at-home treatment, such as serums and lotions. They also provide supporting equipment, such as brushes and pads and detailed instructions to walk you through each step.

What to Look for in the Best Lash Lift Kit

What Is Included in the Kit?

To begin, evaluate what is included in the package. Any lash lift kit should, at the very least, have a perm lotion and a setting lotion. On the other hand, the most excellent lash lift packages include eyelash moisturizer and, in some cases, a washing solution; this time, save money on beauty products using the Pro Beauty Group Coupon Code while buying the eyelash kit.

Look for silicone eyelash pads and strong adhesives in your kit to attach your lashes onto the spot for a long-lasting curl. Keep a watch out for kits that include cushions of several sizes since this allows you to tailor the circle to your specific eye shape. Some packages contain accessories such as applicators, brushes, and even eyelash dye for tinting. 

How Long It Will Last

Long-lasting lashes are the gift that keeps on giving! Some eyelash lifts might last up to eight weeks, while others can fall out after three or four weeks. This is determined by the strength of the cosmetics used, how they are applied, and how you care for your lashes. Most kits will specify how long the final lift should last, but to get the most out of it, avoid contact with water for 48 to 72 hours to allow the substance to sink in.

Your Financial Plan

Finally, consider your finances. Some lash lift kits cost less than $20, while others cost far more. Although some quality lash lift kits are reasonable, you often get what you pay for. It is good to read reviews and carefully analyze what each kit includes. The higher-priced kits will consist of everything you need. Simultaneously, low-cost solutions may forego frills like numerous pad sizes and brushes.

FAQs For Lash Kit

Are lash lifts harmful to your lashes?

If eyelashes are frequently exposed to harsh chemicals, they might dry out and become brittle. To avoid lash lifts weakening your lashes, apply the cream to the root and centre of your lashes, avoiding the tips. If you find your lashes starting to crack, stop using them immediately.

Can I have my lash lift done?

You may perform your lash lift using any of these kits, but if this is your first time, getting the proper assistance is always a good idea. However, remember that specific lash lift kits are only for professional use.

Can mascara be applied on a lash lift?

You may use mascara on a lash lift to accentuate your curls and eyes. Instead of mascara, try an eyelash lift kit with a tint, which is effectively semi-permanent mascara. 

Want to make the most of your natural lashes? 

  • Apply eyeliner directly to the root using a flat-tipped brush to make your lashes look thicker. Here’s how to get started with ANY lash-enhancement routine:
  • Make friends with the dreaded lash curler! Squeeze softly but firmly from the base of the lash to the tip to generate a delicate upward curl. They come in a wide range of forms and sizes.
  • There are various mascara formulae to choose from – thickening, lengthening, waterproof or regular, etc. 
  • You may apply as many coats as you like, but stop before your lashes become stiff and clumpy. Wipe away any extra globs of mascara before applying it to avoid making a mess.
  • Use a lash comb to separate any clumps and keep the lashes feathery. Alternatively, you can use a clean, disposable mascara wand.
  • Are you still looking for a bit extra thickness? Flares to the rescue! Here are some suggestions: Choose short or medium knot-free individual flares if you want a natural look. Apply a little dot of waterproof glue to the root of each lash, then dip each lash cluster into the glue one at a time, holding them with your fingers or tweezers.
  • Looking down into a mirror might make applying lashes to yourself simpler. Focus on the outside corner and centre of your eye with each cluster. The lashes should be of sufficient length to mix in with your natural lashes.
  • You may pick from a range of styles! To make the look authentic, seek transparent, flexible bands, wispy styles and realistic lengths.
  • Put the lash on your eye to see whether it fits – it usually does. They’re far too lengthy to be comfortable to wear. Trim the lash from the outside to produce your desired eye shape
  • Bend and bend the lash band to mould it to your eye. This will keep the ends from lifting.
  • Apply a thin strip of clear-drying glue, leaving a small amount extra at the corners. You want a broad glue line, but not so much that it seeps down and clogs the lashes.
  • Place the strip in the centre of your lashes, then attach it to the corners. You don’t want any noticeable gaps, so press the band as near to the natural lash line as possible.
  • When the adhesive has dried, “pinch” the fake lash to your natural lashes. You may also use mascara to blend the two lashes softly.
  • As required, reapply eyeliner to the strip.
  • When removing makeup, carefully peel from the exterior. To loosen the adhesive before removal, dip a cotton pad in the remover and place it on your closed eye for up to a minute.
  • Never give someone artificial lashes or mascara. Consider fake eyelashes and mascara to be similar to undergarments! If you gently remove extra glue and mascara before storage, you may be able to get a few more uses out of your lashes, but they are not for sharing. 

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