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How to Choose the Best Waterproof LED Tube Lights for Your Home

by Nathan Zachary
Waterproof LED tube lights

If you live in an area where it gets very wet, water damage can be an issue. There are steps you can take to keep your home safe from this. One such step is installing LED tube lights in your home, as these lights are completely waterproof, and they’ll keep working no matter how wet the outside environment gets (as long as the power stays on). If you want to install LED tube lights in your home, read this guide on how to choose the best LED tube light for your particular needs, including information about the different styles of LED tube lights and features you should look for when shopping around.

Choosing The Right Color Temperature

What is color temperature? To put it simply, color temperature is a measure of how warm or cool a light appears. Warm lights are typically considered more comforting, while cool lights are often used in offices or industrial settings. When choosing your perfect lighting system, consider the colors and mood you want to create. A warm-colored light might be right for your living room where you want to feel relaxed and at ease. On the other hand, a cool colored light might be best if you’re looking for something professional and sleek that will help you focus on work or entertainment. Color temperatures are rated on a scale from 1-100K with 60K being neutral (i.e., not too cold nor too warm).

Choosing A Type Of Lamp

LED lights are a great way to save money on your electricity bills, but one of the key factors in determining how much savings you will see is what type of lamp you select. The most common options are fluorescent, high-intensity discharge (HID), and LED lamps. Fluorescent lamps are good for offices because they create a lot of light with very little energy consumption. HID lamps produce a lot of light and require less energy than other types of lamps, but they do not produce as many lumens per watt as an LED lamp. Lastly, LEDs consume more energy than any other type of lamp, but they also produce more lumens per watt and last longer than any other type of lamp.

Understanding Color Rendering Index (CRI)

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the best T8 led tube light, but one of the most important is color rendering index (CRI). This measurement determines how accurately colors will be displayed by a light source. The higher the CRI, the better. For example, if you are looking for a warm white color with some yellow tones, you will want to find LEDs with a CRI rating of 85 or more.

Knowing The Recommended Light Level For Plants

Here are some guidelines for choosing what light level is best for your plants. A low light plant would be a fern or an ivy, which needs about 3 watts per square foot. An average light plant would be a corn plant, which needs about 5 watts per square foot. A high light plant would be a hibiscus or African violets, which need 10 watts per square foot.

UV Lighting – Is it Necessary?

Waterproof LED tube lights are a great option if you want to avoid the problems of leaks and moisture. But there are also other considerations that need to be made when choosing waterproof LED tube lights. Is UV lighting necessary? How long should your tubes be? What color temperature is best. These questions and more will help you choose a high quality, low maintenance, and high performing system that will last you many years.

Understanding Lumens, Watts And Brightness

The brightest lights, such as 3200 lumen T8 LED tube lights, produce more light than less bright lights. The Lumen measurement of a light bulb determines its brightness. The higher the Lumens, the brighter and cleaner your room will be. Keep in mind that when you increase lumens you also need to increase watts because a high Lumen light produces more heat and needs more power. There are many different types of bulbs on the market, so it is important to get all of your information before making any purchase decision.

Other Features To Consider When Buying Outdoor Led Strip Lights

Every home has specific needs and requirements, so when it comes time to buy a new waterproof led tube light, it is always important to take into consideration everything from your budget to your lifestyle. For example, before you can find one that fits all of your needs and requirements, you must know how big of a T8 led tube light will work best in your home. Along with size, some outdoor T8 led lights offer features such as color rendering index (CRI) and rated lumens. Knowing what they are can help determine which product will be better suited for you based on different parameters like price point or energy efficiency. Some come with timers and automatic shutoff options that are built right in which can automatically turn the light off after a certain amount of hours or minutes.

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