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How to choose your ammunition 243 Winchester?

by Nathan Zachary

The 243 Winchester ammo is by far the most drawn caliber in the world and Canada is no exception to the rule. This ammunition created over a century ago is still the coast today. There are a multitude of configurations in .243 Win, whether from a projectile point of view or output speed. It is sometimes difficult to understand what to choose, so we will guide you in your choices.

Which ammunition to choose for what use?

Subsonic ammunition (V <330 m/s)

The “subsonic” ammunition is loaded so as to obtain a speed lower than that of the sound. By avoiding the passage of the sound wall we reduce this nuisance. To obtain a reduction in maximum sound it is imperative to equip your weapon with a sound reducer. This type of ammunition also reduces the decline in your weapon.

“Standards” ammunition (330 <v <345 m/s)

They are by far the most used, whether for training or a leisure shooting session. The speed between 330 and 350 m/s generally allows the best target results at 50 meters. You can use this type of ammunition, in a rifle or a pistol.

“High speed” ammunition

They generally have 2 advantages, the first is to facilitate the functioning of a somewhat capricious semi-automatic weapon which poses a problem with standard ammunition. The additional energy of high -speed ammunition allows a movement quantity that activates the mechanics of the weapon.

A second advantage on this type of ammunition concerns shooting on objects (gong, metal silhouette, etc.). Energy in impact will be much more important. You can also check 22-250 ammo for high speed ammo.

The particularity of ammunition 243 Winchester

A ammunition that will work well in an X weapon will not necessarily work as well in the Y weapon. Thus, we advise you to do your own tests in order to realize the results in your personal weapon. On the market, there is currently no bad ammunition 243 win, simply sometimes ammunition does not correspond to certain weapons and brass cases; Example, you can’t load 243 bullets in 6.5 PRC brass.

How to test an ammunition?

First of all, the state of your barrel is a strongly influential factor on target results. Thus, we advise you to clean your barrel well before the test of ammunition. Also start by drawing around twenty ammunition (at least) in order to condition the barrel (commonly known as the outbreak). In the following photo we observe that the first “clean cannon” ball is at the top of the group, the second is at the bottom then the group goes up and ends up stabilizing in the center. It is easy to observe a “clean barrel” on the target: by carefully observing the contours of the hole, they are clean unlike the following shots.

Once your barrel is stabilized, you can then make the grouping and thus see the affinity of your weapon with this ammunition. During your grouping it is necessary to have the most stable position possible, indeed you are not testing your shooter capacities but the affinity of your weapon with this ammunition. Here is an example a group made at 50 meters by 30 shots. This second group of 30 shots is much better compared to the first group carried out during buckling.

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