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How to  Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

by Nathan Zachary
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Content is one of the most distinct assets of an online business. Good content creation and distribution helps the brand stand out from the crowd through strategic differentiation. Maybe not so much with the topic, but definitely with its essence, writing style and promotion. All of these activities come under the holistic practice of content marketing. Content Marketing is creating, publishing, spreading and promoting informational and compelling content throughout various digital platforms, consistently.

To up their content marketing game, businesses seek Content Marketing services that ensure consistent creation and distribution of content, for the client organization, that is compelling enough, to acquire the viewer’s attention and relevant enough to be associated with the brand’s values.

This brief explanation of Content Marketing pretty much explains its holistic nature. To further ensure a rewarding content marketing campaign,  building a skilful strategy for it is key. So, we bring to you 7 tips on:

How to create a content marketing strategy? 

1. Clarity on business goals and objectives

For the content to have relevancy and relatability, it is important to have a clear understanding of the ultimate business goal and the short-term objectives for which the content is being crafted and promoted. 

2. Identification of target audience 

If you are catering to everyone, you are catering to no one. Therefore, it is imperative to identify your target audience, segment them and share content which is pertinent to what they are seeking.

3. Content Audit

Too much information cramped under one topic or page can overwhelm the viewer. This is why content organisation and placement play a major role. Leaving enough white space, not having too many animations, avoiding jargon, providing internal links for smooth navigation and publishing diverse content on various platforms is key to enhance the user’s experience.

4. Keywords research

Great content marketing agencies conduct vigorous keyword research using expert tools to extract the most trending topics for content creation. This keeps you abreast with the market trends and enhances your value in front of the target audience. 

5. Brainstorming Ideas

By associating with various influencers, bloggers and related brands of the industry your business model falls into, you increase the scope of traffic acquisition. Great content can be created when more minds work together, bringing in creative expertise. With influencer collaborations, the scope of your content going viral also increases. 

6. Consistency in publishing

Consistency is key both in the initial stage and in the more mature stage of your business. In the initial stage, consistent content publishing creates a bucket of topics for your visitors to go through. Whereas, in the mature stage, your visitors who become followers, wait for the content you publish. Having a monthly content planner is key to keeping up with the expectations of existing viewers and attracting new ones.

7. Performance tracking

Data acquired from analysis tools can be leveraged to draw out insights into what is and is not working for you. It assists in tracking the performance of your present activities and also provides a strong base to build practices that, factually, work for your content marketing strategies. 


Content carries the power to position your brand accurately and enhance your value in the eyes of the target audience. Therefore, having a robust content marketing strategy is vital to ensure consistency and accuracy which further improves your brand visibility in the online space. But, it demands due diligence and research which can get extremely overwhelming.

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