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How to create summaries in Word?

by Nathan Zachary

When writing a review, essay, or other type of report, you’ll need an executive summary in Word. It’s not easy to create, especially if you’ve never done it before. There are many tricks to solve your problem. Topic overview.

How do I automatically create summaries in Word?

To save time writing documentation, choose automatic summaries. Before starting, this option is only valid for the correct format. To do this, select the appropriate style from the drop-down ribbon on Word’s Home page.

It’s up to you to decide what type of title is right for you (Title 1, 2, 3, etc.). Use the default options or create your own style. For the last option, go to an existing title, press right click, then press the “Edit” button and develop the format that suits you. You can also customize the font, color, or paragraph spacing of headings.

After making various modifications, click the “Reference” button. On the left side of the screen you will find the Directory icon which you will press. When done, a list of formats will appear. You just have to choose.

You can also customize automatic Summary. On the Directory menu, select Custom Directory. Fill in the information required to create a summary.

How to create an automatic table of contents in Word?

In addition to the table of contents, your document can also contain a table of contents. Thanks to Word, you can do it automatically. The steps to follow are exactly the same as for creating a summary.

As with the table of contents, start by formatting the title and subtitle. You can follow the software’s suggestion or create your own style. Then go to the “References” button, then “Table of Contents”. Word will provide you with the elements you need to automatically create the table of contents.

The difference is that the catalog must be accurate. Therefore, you need to add page numbers to it. To do this, press the “Customize Directory” button. Check the “Show Page Numbers” option. By customizing the table of contents, you can access different page numbering styles.

Note that you can update the automatic catalog. This option is required if you modify the content (add or remove titles and subtitles). To do this, go to the “References” option. You can update just the page numbers or the entire table of contents.

How to summarize in Word?

If this is the first time you need to write an executive summary in Word, you can do it manually. This method is painful and especially time-consuming for newbies, but it’s useful if you don’t know how to proceed. Therefore, you have to be patient to put the title, subtitle and page number together one by one.

Of course, there is an easier and faster way to write summaries. To do this, you have to delve into the various options of word processing software.

Use styles to create summaries in Word

To be able to automatically create summaries in Word, you must add styles to the title and subtitle. This way, Word will automatically create a summary structure using the headings you provide.

Every time you specify a style other than “Normal”, it will be listed in your summary. Applying styles will format your text in a specific way. This format will always remain the same regardless of your text content. Thus, you will be able to highlight different levels of document titles.

To create a summary in Word, you must create and apply the following styles:

-Go to the main menu bar and click Styles. You will have a list with many different styles.

-For your main heading, use the “Heading 1” style. The “Heading 1” style is the style with the largest font size. You can change the font size and other settings later if needed. The basic settings are well designed and will definitely work for you, and we recommend trying them out before customizing them right away.

-Heading 2, Heading 3, and other styles will create subheadings and subsections. At each level, a different layout.

-You can now preview your abstract in the left margin of the text.

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