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How To Customize Your Garage For Larger Vehicles?

by Nathan Zachary
How To Customize Your Garage For Larger Vehicles?

Although older houses have “all the charm,” they are usually not designed to accommodate large automobiles. When we were growing up, families had fewer and smaller cars. The world has changed. Our cars are larger, and the garages on newer homes are much bigger. So what should one do with a big car and a small garage? Many homeowners, as per the experts of garage door repair in Las Vegas struggle with this issue since they have huge automobiles and limited storage space. Although increasing the size of your garage is a significant undertaking,

The benefits are well worth the effort.

Take First Steps

Measuring the garage before buying your new car is the simplest solution. Obtain some measurements if you know that you’ll be buying an SUV or vehicle.

The garage’s width, length, and height should all be measured. Next, take the same vehicle measurements. Take into account items like the space needed for the garage door hinges, the vehicle’s bumpers, which may add a few extra inches to the total width, and the extra space needed to open and close the vehicle’s doors with the necessary clearance.

If you decide to purchase a truck, you might need to make some modifications, such as removing the roof racks (at least for the winter) and storing the vehicle during the chilly months.

Although these are the simplest solutions, they aren’t always an option if you want to accommodate a larger car in your garage. Instead of forcing the vehicle to fit, your garage may need to be modified.

Increase the Addition

You may make your garage more unique by adding a “bump out” expansion. At this point, you can increase the garage’s floor space by shoving it into a nearby room. Depending on how your home is laid up, you might be able to add a few more inches to make room for your new car, even if it simply means sticking your head into a nearby closet. To explore this option, you will require a bespoke house builder or remodeling specialist.

A Comprehensive Remodel

Anything worth accomplishing is worth going overboard with. That ought to be the remodeling of the garage’s credo. Although it will be pricey, if you really want to adapt your garage to fit larger vehicles, this is the best course of action.

Check to determine if your new garage addition complies with the building rules in your town or city. A majority of places require approval before you can begin to construct.

The following modifications should be considered while organizing a remodel:

The walls in the garage will need to be taken down and rebuilt. More outlets are the most crucial improvement you can make to your garage. A worthwhile makeover will require plenty of plugs because garages generally lack outlets. The ability to plug in tools and equipment will pay off in a highly handy place for vehicle enthusiasts and mechanics.

The floor of heavier vehicles needs to be able to support their weight. Popular choices include concrete and epoxy flooring.

Garage door: 

To make the most of the available space in a garage, use a door that doesn’t require extra space. Your large vehicle will fit through it in this manner, saving you from taking up important wall storage space.


It’s imperative that your account for both the space required suiting your new vehicle and any additional storage requirements. There is frequently insufficient space for storage in garages. Think about where you want a workbench, where you want to store your tools, and whether you need additional room for items or equipment that are only used sometimes. 

You won’t be left with a garage that can just house your car and no other space for storage. The easiest method to adapt your garage to fit a huge vehicle is to remodel it with the help of the garage door opener repair in Las Vegas, but this option is fairly pricey, and many homeowners can’t put it on their priority list.

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