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How To Decide Whether To Sit For SAT Or Not?

by Nathan Zachary
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Many colleges have adopted the test policies recently because of the ongoing worldwide pandemic. So, students are a great confusion that whether they need to sit for SAT/ACT and if they are still significant or not. Students use these scores to get an edge during the application procedure and some universities have asked the colleges to stop accepting these scores anymore.

Whether one needs these scores or not depends on a lot of things and having the scores is still beneficial for the students.

What does test-optional mean?

One first has to understand the requirement of a college before they decide to appear for these examinations and start their online tutoring. There has been some confusion among students that what test-optional can mean.

Well, it means that the school will allow the students to decide whether they want to submit their ACT/SAT scores or not. The colleges will consider if the scores are chosen to be submitted and the other factors will also get equal importance. The schools that only accept entrance test scores will not consider the exam scores much. One can take these exams later and revealing the score also depends on the students as per the college requirements.

Why should one take the test?

Here are the major reasons to sit for the test:

  • There are some universities that ask for test scores to check college readiness. The students then have to appear for these examinations because the college makes it mandatory to submit the scores during the application procedure. One can apply the colleges which need lower score requirements but if the score is high, then the chances of getting in are also high. And if the universities are okay with either score – then it depends on the students if they choose to sit for these tests or not.
  • Though some universities do not ask for the test scores, there are certain departments that may make it a rule to submit the test score while applying. The SAT score requirements here also vary from one department to another. So, one has to do research on the program they want to apply to and then go for the examination. And if one decides to take the test, then they also need to join the ACT class so that it helps in their preparation.

One can opt out from sitting for the test when their college is test-optional. If the college only cares about the entrance test score then one does not has to worry much about their SAT/ACT scores. Here, one has to concentrate more on their application and letters of recommendation. Also, in case one has decided to apply for a community college, then they do not have to worry about these scores because they do not ask for that. The same rule applies to the trade schools as well. International colleges also do not demand these scores and here one needs to give importance to their language proficiency.

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