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How to Decorate Gift Kraft Boxes

by Nathan Zachary
Kraft Boxes

Various types of cardboard boxes are used for packaging. The most commonly used are Kraft boxes. They are made from pine wood. They are very user-friendly. Kraft boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Their sturdiness and durability add to their value. The natural color of Kraft boxes is brown. By using high tech printing, different colors can be given to them. They are used not only for packaging but also as gift Kraft boxes. People decorate them and present them to their loved ones. You can purchase custom gift boxes from the market as well. But decorating a Kraft box on your own; adds to the feeling of love and care. It is an innovative idea and makes your friends remember it for a long. Below is an interesting way how to decorate gift Kraft boxes:

Gather all the Supplies For Kraft Boxes

The main step is to collect all the supplies and materials you need. First, find appropriate custom Kraft boxes that can fit your gift inside. In this case, we will take a traditional brown-colored Kraft box as it gives a natural touch. You can also purchase custom printed boxes from the market and decorate them accordingly. Many of the companies offer custom boxes with logos. You can also use them as gift Kraft boxes. Thus, you have an unlimited number of options with you. Other things required are a decorative ribbon, cord, glue, a little tag, some leaves, and flowers or other embellishments.

Attach the Leaves with a Cord

There are a number of ways to decorate the custom gift boxes. Here we are selecting the one which appears attractive and natural. First, tie a cord on the four sides of the Kraft box. This will secure the gift inside. Then collect some fresh leaves, tie them together and place them on the top of the Kraft box. You can also use artificial leaves and plastic cherries/flowers for decoration. Get them from a local store.

Kraft Boxes Add a Tag

Make a tag and hang it at the side of the box to add a personal touch. You can write any customized message for your loved one. Or decorate it in the way shown in the image below. Finally, tie a cord and place it on the gift Kraft box.

Tie a Decorative Ribbon

It’s time to give a final touch to your gift box. Tying a thick decorative ribbon to the box, making a bow. Here we have used black and white striped ribbon. It looks elegant and classy. Your gift Kraft box is ready. In this way, you can decorate a number of custom gift boxes. It is cost-effective and adds an exciting touch to your gifts. They can be used on birthdays, Valentine’s, Christmas, etc.

I hope you enjoyed the process of decorating gift Kraft boxes. It would be great fun when you do it on your own. These boxes look much more attractive than custom printed boxes purchased from the market. They are the best way to delight your family and friends and make them remember your gift for a long time.

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