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How to Design a Successful Healthcare Website

by Nathan Zachary
Healthcare Website Design

When it comes to healthcare website design, a few things should be taken into consideration. These include a responsive website, relevant content and easy-to-find CTAs. These elements are vital to patient satisfaction, and should be the first consideration for any new website. These tips will help you create a successful healthcare website.

Need for a responsive website

Responsive healthcare website design is essential to the success of a healthcare website. It is crucial to create a website that is optimized for different screens, from smartphones to tablets. Responsive website design focuses on the hierarchy of messaging and content priorities. It enables patients to navigate easily through information. Often, people are confused by the language and lack of content on healthcare websites. By providing a pleasant user experience, a healthcare website can help people find information they need.

A responsive website design also improves the patient experience. New generations of patients have shorter attention spans and do not have the patience for a slow-loading website. Also, they don’t want to experience an outdated website that has not been optimized for their devices. A responsive website design gives patients a seamless experience that is tailored for the devices they are using.

Content that is relevant to patients

Content that is relevant to patients is critical to the success of any healthcare website. It is especially important to design content that is relevant to the emotional state of patients. The patient’s age, physical condition, and language can all affect the experience of interacting with health websites. Therefore, content and design should be developed with these factors in mind.

Patients may be looking for health information that will help them make an informed decision. A website that is patient-centric will be engaging for first-time visitors, while enticing existing patients to return regularly. Neil Patel, a content marketing expert, cites research showing that content marketing costs only 6% of the time of traditional marketing and generates three times the leads. A healthcare website can also benefit from using blogs to share pertinent information.

Cleanly organized CTAs

Cleanly organized CTAs in healthcare website designs are an effective way to draw users to specific areas on the page. For instance, this website highlights how rapid transport is available for critical care patients. It also makes sure to avoid clutter and unnecessary written content. It features a distinctive font that stands out from its competitors. Moreover, the design makes it easy for patients to contact the organization.

To make sure that your CTAs are effective, create a checklist that contains specific actions that the visitor can take to reach the desired goal. You can also incorporate a checkbox for CTAs to measure how effective they are in converting visitors. This will help you focus on the customer and the objectives that your CTAs must serve.

Live chat feature

A live chat feature on a healthcare website design can help turn leads into revenue. It’s an effective way to engage with prospective patients online, and it’s something that 9 out of 10 doctors don’t even realize they need. Without it, many potential patients will simply leave the website without ever connecting with a doctor. Studies show that this lack of customer service costs the healthcare industry $75 billion annually, and it leads to poor experiences and fewer referrals.

Live chat allows doctors to directly connect with patients and capture their contact information. But unlike contact forms, live chat isn’t an exact replacement for them.

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