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How to Design Your Own Custom Boxes

by Nathan Zachary
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So you’re ready to make your own custom boxes, but where do you begin? This article will walk you through the process of designing your custom boxes with logo, from selecting an online design tool to printing your finished box. Next, you’ll learn about size, printing, and pattern options. After you’ve determined which of these three options is best for your business, you’ll be ready to order. Depending on your business and your desired outcome, you may need to use a combination of contrasting colors.

Online design tool

You can use an online design tool for custom boxes to create a box’s interior. First, you must name your canvas. Then, you can place your artwork on it. In Canva, you must create a separate image for each panel of your packaging dieline. There are various orientation guidelines for different types of boxes. For best results, use the template that follows the orientation guidelines. Once you have done this, click on the “Print” button to send your design.

The editable retail packaging templates are available for all kinds of products. Each template has clear editable areas and fold, cut, and safe margins. You can even customize text, and add foil options if you wish. An online design tool for custom boxes can help you streamline your supply chain operations. It streamlines the process, but it lacks advanced design features, such as realistic 3D images. The downsides are that it is not free, and you must pay for the program.

Printing process

When you need to produce a large quantity of custom boxes, you can either choose digital printing or flexography. Digital printing has many advantages, including speed and lower upfront costs. This process is especially convenient for custom printing on cardboard mailing boxes. With digital printing, you can create the same look as you see on a screen but with a faster turnaround time. In the case of flexography, you must order at least three hundred boxes.

Lithography is a two-step process that uses laminated printed sheets on top of the box. It produces high-quality results that resemble those found in glossy magazines. Lithography also permits the use of up to six colors. Litho printing is typically used for high-volume orders and is challenging because of the litho-lamination process. However, the process is extremely cost-effective when you order at least 300 boxes.

Size of box

To make custom boxes for your business, you must first understand the basic principles of designing a package. Your boxes need to convey your company’s message while also being attractive to your customers. The first step in designing custom soap packaging is to decide which text will be displayed on the outside. Choose a size that best represents the message that you want to communicate. The largest text should be in the most prominent position. The medium-sized text should complement the larger text. The small-sized text should be inconsequential to the overall message.

After determining the dimensions of your box, you can begin designing it. You’ll need to have all your measurements handy. Next, you can make a file with the size of the outer box plus rectangles that resemble the panels of the box. Then, select all boxes and choose “Make Guides” to make a template for the box. Once you have a template for the box, you can add artwork and design. You can also take an online course on Adobe Illustrator.


If you’re looking for inspiration to design custom boxes, consider using some of the many patterns available on the internet. While they may not be exhaustive, these descriptors should help you identify your visual preferences and make a more informed decision. Before you begin designing your boxes, gather inspiration from your competitors and design assets to incorporate into your packaging. Pre-designed assets can help you beat the blank canvas syndrome. Here are some examples of packaging patterns.

You can use a basic design program like Canva to make a pattern. The great thing about Canva is that you don’t have to be a graphic design expert to use this tool. It comes with a wide range of free templates and only requires a few basic design skills. Simply add an image or an icon, or copy and paste text and shapes to create your patterns. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can add any text or design elements you like to the box.

Solvent-free inks

If you are considering using solvent-free ink to design your custom boxes, you should know the benefits of solvent-free ink. VOCs are dangerous compounds found in inks that are usually used on packaging. While solvent-based inks are durable enough for most applications, they are not recommended for use in freezers. This is because the water in these inks will loosen in freezers.

As a green choice, solvent-free inks are becoming increasingly popular. Solvent-free inks are often more expensive than traditional inks. You can use water-based or soy-based inks, which are eco-friendly and have minimal VOC emissions. They can also be used in small quantities, which makes them an ideal choice for smaller-scale manufacturers. In addition to these benefits, solvent-free inks are also environmentally-friendly.

Minimum order

The minimum order for custom boxes is generally 100 boxes. However, you can purchase them in as many as 500,000 pieces. Custom retail boxes are designed specifically for retail products and have a variety of features. You can easily assemble them and place several items inside. Depending on the type of product you are putting in the box, you can add other small details to make it personal. The number of boxes you need depends on the size and features of the product.

As a small business, you may not have a large warehouse or office space, making it difficult to manage large amounts of boxes. Additionally, overordering custom packaging can lead to unusable packaging. By ordering a smaller amount, you can be sure that your boxes will be exactly what you need without overspending. You can even save money on shipping if the minimum order is lower than your actual production volume. So, make sure to look into the minimum order for custom boxes when you place an order.

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