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How to Draw a Hand

by Nathan Zachary
How to Draw a Hand

How to Draw a Hand. If you ask someone who draws a lot their most dreaded thing about drawing, you’ll find that certain things come up often. When this question is asked, human hands will be mentioned a lot, and even experienced artists dread having to draw them! However, this is a drawing challenge that we will simplify in this guide on drawing a cartoon hand.

With the benefit of our actions for you here, you will soon find that it may be easier than you thought! You’ll also see how much fun it can be to figure out what to do. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing of hand

Step 1:

The secret to making a problematic drawing like this more accessible is to break it into smaller sections, which we’ll do now. We’ll start with a lot of this cartoon at hand, but we’ll break it down. First, use a curved line for the doll to form a roughly square shape. Instead of closing it as we did in our reference, you can extend it over the rest of the arm or draw a shirt sleeve.

Once it’s drawn, use a long, rounded line to the left for the palm. We will then count a finger, and this will be created utilizing an excellent rounded shape. Finally, you can add the thumb. It will extend from a curved line forming the palm’s right side. It can be tough, so bring your term with this step, and you can move on when it looks like our reference image.

Step 2:

You have a great base to work with everything we drew in the previous step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon hand, and now we’ll continue adding fingers and other details as we go. For now, we’ll add the index.

It will have a space between it and your thumb and will be much longer than your thumb and pinky finger. Speaking of the little finger, we will also add a small curved horizontal line to the suitable base of this finger. That’s all for nowadays, and then we can resume!

Step 3:

You’re accomplishing a fantastic job on this portrait so far! We’ll keep things simple for now by adding one more finger to the hand. This time it will be the ring finger, and it will go to the right of the little finger. It will take a similar shape to the other fingers but slightly longer than the little finger.

It should also be about the same length as your index finger. To complete this step, draw another one of those little curved lines at the base of the right ring finger. One more finger will be added before some more refined details are added!

Step 4:

You are now ready to add the last finger to your hand drawing! This term, it choice be the center finger that we resolve count. This finger, just like on your hand, will be the longest. It won’t be much longer, but it should still be noticeable.

As with all the other fingers, we will add another small curved line on the right side of the base of this finger. Then we’ll be ready for the final details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5:

How to Draw a Hand

You’ve gone through the most challenging parts of this guide on drawing a cartoon hand, and now we can add some details to complete the last step! These details are pretty simple but essential to make the hand more realistic. First, we’ll add two small curved lines down the center of each finger to show where the joints are. Again, you can count a curved flat line above the wrist. 

We will finish this step by adding two longer wavy lines connecting the wrist to the hand. Once they’ve been added, you might as well add some extra details! Some ideas would be to draw a scene, add a sleeve of clothing, or even draw rings on the fingers. How are you going to finish it?

Step 6:

How to Draw a Hand

It’s time to end this guide with a bit of color! In this step, you will bring this drawing to life with color, with many options. There are many color schemes and skin tones you can choose from when coloring this hand. As you can see from our reference image, we use different shades and color variations in different areas of the hand to give it a more textured and realistic look, and you can do the same regardless of the conditions.

Five tips to make your cartoon even better!

Explore some practical tips to make your cartoon sketch even more beautiful! This cartoon hand drawing is done in a simple and standard pose. You could start drawing him in different poses if you wanted him to look different. To start, try making hand gestures, such as a thumbs up. Then use this reference along with the steps in this guide to drawing this new pose. Another way to personalize this design would be to add clothing or jewelry. These could have buzzes or sweater sleeves that give the arm a better nature.

In another case, you could use your arm or those around you to help you draw. What clothes can you think of adding to this image? We love the cartoon style of this hand drawing, but if you feel like experimenting, you can also try different styles. For example, you can make the hand more realistic. Or perhaps you enjoy trying a distinct style, like cartoon characters. You can take many different approaches, so what favorite styles might you use? To complete this design, you can go the extra mile and add the rest of the body it’s attached to. It would be a great way to have fun designing an excellent cartoon character!

The best query is who you would use to push for your nature. For a fun twist, why not use yourself as a model and become a caricature? Then you can tie everything together by adding a background for your hand drawing. It would be especially recommended if it added more to the character, but it would still work. The background you choose will depend on the character design you end up with, and there are so many possibilities to choose from! What are the background ideas you have to complete your work?

Your hand drawing is complete!

Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide on drawing a cartoon hand, you can hold your head high because you’ve taken on a notorious drawing challenge! Although this hand was done in a more straightforward cartoon style, it can still be tricky to draw. So we hope these steps will help you make it easier and more fun.

Now it’s up to you how you’ll finish this design by adding color options and additional details! Then you’ll want to head to our website for more awesome drawing guides. We’ll have more soon, so check back regularly and don’t miss a thing! We’d love to see your finished hand drawing, so share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can see it.

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