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How to Easily Add a PDF Document to Wix

by Nathan Zachary

Blog Introduction: Do you need to add a PDF document to your Wix website? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of adding a PDF document to your Wix site and explain why it is important for your website.

Why Should I Add a PDF Document?

Adding a PDF document is an excellent way to provide important information about your business or organization on your Wix website. It can be used to showcase informational documents such as brochures, menus, price lists, and much more. Plus, it allows you to easily share documents with users without having them download the file from another source.

Adding Your PDF Document

Adding a PDF document onto your Wix website is easy! First, log into your Wix account and open the page where you would like the document added. From there, click on “Add” in the top toolbar and select “File/PDF.” This will open up a window where you can upload the file from your computer or search for it in Dropbox or Google Drive if it is stored there instead. Once uploaded, click “Done” and then save and publish the page when ready.

Compress pdf is essential tool for reducing its size, making it easier to share and store. There are various ways of compressing PDF files. One way of compressing a PDF file is by using an online PDF compressor tool.

Customizing Your File Display

Once added, you can customize how the file appears on your site by clicking on it and selecting “Settings” in the bottom left corner of its display box. Here you can change how big or small the image appears as well as its alignment on the page itself. You can also add an image or icon that will act as an overlay for the file itself if desired. Finally, don’t forget to save changes when complete!


Adding a PDF document onto your Wix website is an easy way to make important files available for users while also displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. By following these simple steps outlined above, you too can easily upload a PDF document onto any page of your Wix website today! We hope this blog post has been helpful for website owners and SEO newbies alike! Good luck!

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