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How to Fix Payroll Errors in QuickBooks Desktop?

by Nathan Zachary
Quickbooks payroll errors

Innovative accounting programs like QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll are simple to use and don’t need users to have any prior technical knowledge or training. And what makes it even better are some of the features that simplify business operations and make it simple to pay employees. The flaw in this software is that it’s possible to run into errors when using it. However, users may experience typical QuickBooks payroll errors while updating the program. Numerous reported errors with QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll begin with the letters 15xxx, including 15103, 15104, 15105, 15106, 15223, 15240, and others. Here’s how to fix problems that start with 15xxx if you’ve also experienced them.

Common QuickBooks Desktop payroll errors

The following are a few of the frequent QuickBooks desktop payroll errors that trouble users repeatedly:

What reasons can be behind the occurrence of common QuickBooks payroll errors?

There can be several reasons that can trigger the QuickBooks desktop payroll errors. These issues include the following:

  • Just in case the payroll folder’s tax table file is harmed.
  • because the employer identification number is incorrect (EIN).
  • If your billing information is incorrect, that could be another factor.
  • when the most recent version of QuickBooks payroll is updated.
  • If the employer identification number is incorrect, you might experience a similar problem.

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Solution steps to Resolve most common QuickBooks payroll errors

Every error has its solution, and so is the case with QuickBooks payroll-related issues. You can implement the below-stated set of steps, so as to tackle the error with much ease.

Method 1: Renaming the CPS folder in the system

  • Initial updating of the QuickBooks Payroll tax table is required.
  • You would also need to use my computer’s remote access to access the local drive C:ProgramFilesIntuitQuickBooks 20XXComponentsPayrollCPS.
  • The year of the QuickBooks version is indicated by the XX in this sentence, such as QuickBooks desktop 2022, QuickBooks 2021, QuickBooks 2020, QuickBooks 2019, etc.
  • The CPS folder should then be renamed to CPSOLD, and the problem should now be resolved.
  • Update the payroll tax table in QuickBooks to see if the problem has been fixed.

Method 2: Disable the user account control

  • This method requires you to press the Win + R keys simultaneously to open the run window.
  • Additionally, you must enter the “control panel” and select the OK tab.
  • Select the user account classic view tab by tapping on the user accounts.
  • Return to the tab for changing user account control settings and select the tab for never notifying.

Method 3: Run Reboot.bat

  • Shut down Payroll/QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Locate and open the folder containing the reboot.bat file.
  • Run the document in Administrator mode.
  • You’ll see a DOS command window appear. Allow the file utility to finish, and the window will automatically shut down. Don’t manually close that.
  • Switch off your computer.
  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop right away to see if the problem has been resolved.

Method 4: Verify Internet Explorer Settings

  • Default your browser to Internet Explorer.
  • Check your computer’s time and date settings.
  • Calculate the Cipher Speed.
  • To update settings, open Tools and select Internet Options.

Method 5: Close all the QuickBooks processes

  • Make sure your subscription is active.
  • Reset the update for QB Desktop.
  • Verify the payroll service key’s accuracy.
  • Start up your computer.
  • Go to Task Manager, select the Processes tab, and click End Process for Qbwebconnector.exe.

Method 6: Install a digital signature certificate

  • Locate C: Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks first.
  • Click the right mouse button once more on QBW32.exe.
  • Select the Properties menu item.
  • Go to the Digital Signature tab right away.
  • Make sure Intuit is selected in the list of signatures.
  • Select the Details to option after that.
  • In the Digital Signature Details window, click the View Certificate option.
  • Select Install Certificate at this time.


We hope that this blog post will be useful to you in resolving any issues you may have encountered when updating your QuickBooks desktop or payroll. We sincerely hope that you can grasp everything and that it will be beneficial. If there are any bugs or issues, please look at our other posts.

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