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How to flip the projector image upside down

by Nathan Zachary
How to flip the projector image upside down

The image could appear reversed if the projector is upside-down on the ceiling.

Fortunately, the projector owner may alter the image direction through the projector’s settings without moving the projector.

If you are having trouble flipping the picture you don’t need to worry in this article we share with you How to flip the projector image upside down.

Why is the image on my projector upside down?

Let’s address the issue’s cause before moving on to the remedy. Typically, it’s a result of the way your projector is installed.

For projectors that are positioned on a ceiling, the image is always displayed upside down to make it simpler for people to see.

The image will be upside down if you’re using a floor-standing projector, though.

There are some additional scenarios that could be the problem as well, including:

  • The projector is installed improperly.
  • The incorrect input setting has been chosen.
  • Mirror mode is selected for the image.

Whatever the issue’s root cause, it can be quickly fixed. Let’s now look at how to invert the projector image.

How to flip the projector image upside down?

Using the projector remote control or other buttons on the projector, you can rotate the image.

Some projectors are made to be mounted in a specific manner, such as upside down on a ceiling.

By switching the projection mode on the remote, it is quite simple to flip the image up the appropriate way. Once inverted, the image may simply be flipped to display appropriately.

It is simpler to choose the appropriate option and adjust the image orientation for well-known projector models like Epson and Optoma.

Learn about the projection modes before attempting to flip the projector’s image.

For Epson Projectors

Many buyers use Epson as their preferred brand of projectors. 

The following instructions will show you how to adjust the projection settings if the image is not displaying correctly.

Step 1: Press Menu on the remote control, then choose Extended.

Step 2: Enter after navigating to the Projection option.

Step 3: Change the “Front” mode, which is the default, to “Front Ceiling.”

For Optoma Projectors

Numerous projectors for different purposes are available from Optoma, another well-known and reasonably priced company.

Customers of Optoma would benefit from knowing how to reverse projected images given a large number of users.

Step 1: Use the remote control to access the menu

Step 2: Scroll down to “Setup,” which is indicated by a logo of a screwdriver and a wrench.

Step 3: Select Projection and switch to the “Front Ceiling” projection mode.

Projection Modes


Most projector models have this mode set as default. In front projection mode, the table’s image is projected directly onto the screen.


When this option is selected, the image is shown backward. The image is projected from behind a transparent screen while being horizontally flipped.


This projection will aid in inverting the image and should be chosen for this objective. This mode flips the image top-to-bottom to project the image upside-down when the projector is mounted on the ceiling or the wall.


This mode flips the image horizontally and top-to-bottom so that it seems to be the other way around the switch to “Front Ceiling” in the Projection mode.

What Potential Effects Could Inverting the Projected Image Have?

Yes, flipping the projector image upside down could have a few unfavorable effects. These effects consist of:

1. The image’s clarity might be diminished.

2. The image’s hues can be warped.

3. The image’s brightness might be diminished.

4. The image’s contrast might be lessened.

5. The image’s general quality can suffer.

All of these potential negative effects are rather modest, and in the majority of cases, they can be quickly fixed by changing a few projector settings.

However, when choosing whether or not to flip the projector image, it is crucial to keep these in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a projector change its orientation?

Search the projector remote for a button that says “My Button,” then push it to alter the image orientation on the projector.

Go to System Setting in the projector’s menu by opening it. Basic> Projector Position, then pick one of the following four possibilities:

  1. Front Table.
  2. Rear Table.
  3. Ceiling.
  4. Front Ceiling.

Why is the projector screen inverted?

Projectors are made to be mounted upside-down on a ceiling. The best approach to mount 99% of projectors is in this manner, which also allows the projector to project slightly downward for comfortable viewing.

A menu option allows you to turn the image back around once it has been turned upside down.


You should be able to quickly invert or flip your Epson projector image using the methods described above.

Remember that you may always turn the projector back to its original position if a complete presentation or something similar has been inverted and people are unable to read what has been typed out.

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