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How to get a Canada visa for Bulgarian and Chilean citizens

by Nathan Zachary


Canada is a beautiful, diverse country with much to offer for both Bulgarian and Chilean citizens. With an expansive rural and urban landscape, Canada is a place full of opportunity and is home to a population of over thirty-six million people. This makes it the perfect spot for anyone to live, work, or visit – but the question is, what kind of visa do people from Bulgaria and Chile need?

Requirements for a Canada visa

For Bulgarians, there are two primary visa types they can apply for if they wish to travel to Canada, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The TRV, also known as a Visitors Visa, may be applied for if a person is visiting, touring, or doing business in Canada for no more than six months. This type of visa also allows for temporary studies and/or employment for a specific purpose within the six months of the visa’s validity. The eTA, on the other hand, is required for anyone traveling through Canada by air, with only a few exceptions. This visa is valid for up to five years, and does not require an in-person interview with an immigration officer for approval. Notably, travel to Canada on either visa is no guarantee that you will be admitted; be sure to carry all your documents with you, as proof of identity and in support of why the visa has been granted. CANADA VISA FOR BULGARIAN CITIZENS

How to apply for a Canada visa

Chilean citizens have the same visa options as Bulgaria, however they may also be able to enter the country with their National Identity Card. If they do not have a National Identity Card, then they will need to apply for either a TRV or eTA. Additionally, a visa may also be required for entry into Canada if the Chilean citizen is planning on living, studying, or working there. A longer-term visa such as the Student Visa or the Working Holiday Visa will be best suited to these types of activities. CANADA VISA FOR CHILE CITIZENS

In either case, Bulgaria and Chile citizens must come prepared when applying for a visa to Canada. Documents that may be required include proof of financial resources, proof of travel arrangements, letter of invitation from a Canadian host, a crime record check, health insurance information, and any other relevant documents that provide evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria for the visa. It is also beneficial for both countries’ citizens to thoroughly research the Canadian Embassy in their home country to ensure that the application process is completed correctly and all the necessary documents are provided.

How to get a Canada visa in Bulgaria and Chile

travel and/or immigration to Canada for both Bulgarians and Chileans require the appropriate visa and documents. It is important for both parties to understand that the visa process may be complex and time consuming, but with the right guidance and preparation, it is completely manageable. If done right, both countries’ citizens can experience Canada’s unique and diverse culture first hand and make memories to last a lifetime.

Canada is a great destination for people of all nationalities. Bulgarian and Chilean citizens looking to explore the country can take advantage of its liberal visa policy that allows them to apply for visas easily and without too many complications.

What to do if you get a Canada visa denial

Even though Canada’s visa policy is quite relaxed overall, the requirements for Bulgarian and Chilean citizens are slightly different depending on their motivations for moving to the country. 

Bulgarian citizens have the option to choose from an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a temporary resident visa (TRV). The eTA is a document that allows for quick, easy and visa-free travel to Canada for short-term visits, such as for tourism or for business purposes. The TRV also allows for short-term stays, but it has a stricter application procedure.

In order to obtain the eTA, all Bulgarian citizens have to do is answer a few basic questions online, provide personal data and pay a fee. The application procedure is considered to be my online and it usually takes only 30 minutes. The processing time is usually very fast and the authorization is emailed within minutes.

Useful information for Canadian citizens travelling to Bulgaria and Chile

Chilean travelers looking to visit decide to emigrate to Canada have different visa options. Those wishing to stay for a short period of time should apply for a visitor visa (TRV). This is the same type of visa that Bulgarian citizens need to apply for their short-term stays. In order to obtain a TRV, Chilean citizens can fill in the electronic form on the Government of Canada website, pay the processing fee and provide requested documentation, such as proof of funds, identity documents and a travel itinerary.

In addition, Canadian permanent residency visas are available to Bulgarian and Chilean citizens willing to stay in the country for a longer period of time. This is usually done through different programs, such as the economic immigration programs, family sponsorship, international student programs and employer-specific programs. The requirements and criteria differ, based on the program, but applicants usually have to pass a language test, complete personal interviews, present proof of funds and attest they have no criminal history.

Overall, Canada is a great destination for Bulgarian and Chilean citizens looking to explore the country in the short or long-term. With its relaxed visa policy and many options for permanent residency, it is an attractive destination for citizens of these countries.

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