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How to get a free domain name?

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How to get a free domain name?

To obtain a free domain name there is no real secret; the procedure is as follows: go to a registrar (registration office) and/or a web host.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the equivalent of a “postal address” on the web. This is the basis of any website project.

Thanks to a domain name, you can easily find your favorite websites in any browser. This is a key element that should not be overlooked. It acts as an address for your website, allowing your future users to easily access it.

💡 Hence the importance of buying an easily memorable domain name.

In effect, your domain name converts your IP address (a series of machine-readable numbers, e.g. into a name that is understandable, readable by humans, and easier to remember, in order to access your website.

Anyone who wants to can buy a domain name as long as it is available from a host or a registrar. Available means it is not registered by someone else. Indeed, the domain name is unique and assigned to a single person.

👉 there is only one anthedesign.fr on the web, for example.

It is mandatory to register your domain name before any use.

You have the option of forming your domain name with any sequence of letters and numbers. And combined with the various existing domain name extensions such as .com, .fry, .au, .org, etc.

In conclusion, it is therefore essential when creating your website, to have a domain name to allow Internet users to find your website.

Is it possible to use a domain name for free?

First, you should know that it is impossible to have a domain name indefinitely.

A domain name is registered for a fixed period: minimum 12 months. At the end of this period, if you do not renew it, it will no longer belong to you. Note that using free domain names can be useful if you are short on budget, however, there will be some downsides to consider.

Determine your business goals and objectives

Determine your company’s aims and objectives before you start looking for an SEO marketing agency. Finding an agency that can satisfy your particular demands will be made easier if you are aware of the specific needs and goals of your company. For instance, if your main objective is to improve website traffic, you’ll need to choose a company that specializes in using SEO techniques to drive organic visitors.

Free domain registrars

There are domain name registrars that will allow you to obtain a domain name for free.

Among these registrars, Dot TK and Freedom, where you can search for a domain name and choose between five free extensions: .cuff, .gas, .GQ, .to, .cuff and .ml. These extensions are not the most common on the web. Consequently, when an Internet user (who does not know you) arrives on your site which offers a professional service, he may be confused and not easily grant his trust.

If you are creating a blog or a personal site, the perception of Internet users may be different, so you must take into account your users and their reactions according to your activity. Note that these domains cannot belong to you since they are registered and owned by Dot TK or Freedom.

These registrars will only grant you the right to use a domain name, your use will remain exclusively personal, it will be impossible for you to sell or transfer a domain name to someone else.

Website creation platforms that provide free domain names

Today, there are a large number of platforms that facilitate the creation of websites such as Wax.

On the one hand, thanks to their various services, it is possible to quickly and efficiently create a website. On the other hand, when subscribing to an offer, you can obtain a domain name for free.
However, you will not be able to decide to change platforms. In other words, when the subscription to your offer expires, your domain name will also expire.

In general, after a period of one year, you will in any case be obliged to pay to keep your domain name. If you’re in a situation where you just need to have a temporary website for a year or less, this might be the best solution for you.

WordPress.com offers free subdomains. It’s a great choice for both beginners and more advanced people, and it’s also the most widely used content management system in the world. This will make it easier for you to add functionality using plugins and get support when needed. By registering your subdomain with WordPress, you can easily create your website. Thanks to WordPress.com, you will be able to get as many free subdomains as you want, but they will appear under the name mydomainname.wordpress.com. A disadvantage to give the impression of a credible and professional site.

Web hosts

If we redefine the domain name as the address of your site, the hosting is the “home”. This is where the information and data about your site is stored. In the same way as website creation platforms, some registrars offer a free domain name when purchasing web hosting.

Since you will always need a ecommerce seo services to get your website good stats, choosing the option of registrars that provide web hosting can therefore be a great option for you, thanks to bundled offers. With a registrar like Gandhi for example, you will have all the tools necessary for the proper development of your website:

  • domain name,
  • accommodation,
  • simplified connection to WordPress,
  • An SSL certificate (which ensures secure browsing thanks to the HTTPS protocol – the little padlock in the navigation bar!) offered?
  • And even 2 free email accounts.


With the right domain name, your website and your business can be considered professional. The first impression is essential!

You don’t want your brand image to be ruined by a bad domain name. It is possible to have a free domain name but you have to be attentive to certain details that could harm the credibility of your site:

  • unknown extension,
  • apparent subdomain,
  • Or non-ownership of the domain name.

A registrar like Gandhi is probably the best way to get a free domain name. By subscribing to a web hosting plan, you will get a free domain name included and all you have to do is renew your hosting. If you later decide to host your site with another host, you can transfer your domain name elsewhere as well.

Now you can start looking for the perfect domain name for your business. Every day thousands of domain names are sold, so the one you want may no longer be available. So save it while it’s time!

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