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How To Get Price For The Best Hotels In Lahore, Pakistan

by Nathan Zachary
Best Hotels in Lahore

Planning a trip to Lahore, Pakistan and looking for the best hotel deals? We have good news for you. There is a lot of price volatility in the hotel market right now due to the impact of Covid on occupancy trends. This allows savvy travelers like you to take advantage of this market volatility and secure the Best Hotels in Lahore, Pakistan. So, follow these steps to learn how to get the Best Hotels in Lahore Pakistan in 2022.

5 Steps to the Best Hotels in Lahore, Pakistan in 2022

Use a Meta Search Engine

Do you usually go directly to Heritage Luxury Suites for booking Best Hotels in Lahore, or another online travel agency to book your hotel? You might want to consider a metasearch, which is basically a search engine for online travel agencies. A meta search engine will aggregate all offers from many different online travel agencies (aka OTAs) and show you all available offers for that hotel. 

It will save you tons of time (and money) when you are looking the price for Best Hotels in Lahore, Pakistan, as you only need to enter 1 website, yet you will be able to access Lahore hotel deals from multiple websites. 

Be Loyal

Do you have affinities with a specific hotel chain like Marriott or Hyatt? If so, check out their loyalty program and credit card earning plans. You can book a great room for 20,000 to 40,000 points per night at many Marriott hotels in Lahore, Pakistan. If you’re not keen on staying at a specific chain, you can also become a loyalty member with Best Hotels in Lahore, which offers you 1 free night for every 10 nights booked on their website.

Local Receptive Travel Agencies

When people travel to Lahore they usually use the international booking sites to get the Best Hotels in Lahore. However, there are local incoming travel agencies called DMC (Destination Management Company) that offer great deals with local hotels. Many of these DMCs have booking engines on their website so you can compare multiple hotels at once.

Book Multiple Hotels For the Same Dates

This is a lesser-known trick that can yield great results when searching for the best hotel deal in Lahore, Pakistan. Book two hotels on the same dates that suit your needs. Make sure both have free cancellation options. Why should they do this? The price of one of these hotels might decrease after booking while the other might stay the same. Then simply cancel the most expensive room and stay with the cheapest offer. So you might be wondering, “How do I know if the price goes down after booking?” Which brings me to the next tip.

Check Prices AFTER Booking

Do you usually spend all your time and effort finding the best deal BEFORE you hotel booking in Lahore? HUGE mistake costing you HUGE savings! Remember we talked about hotel price volatility at the beginning? Hotel rates drop 40% AFTER booking. Post-booking price reductions of up to 72% off the original hotel rate! Manually tracking these price drops can be a headache as there are hundreds of booking sites and prices change quickly. 

Luckily there is a (free) service called Pruvo that will do this for you. With Pruvo, all you have to do is download their mobile app, forward your existing Lahore hotel reservation to Best Hotels in Lahore, and Pruvo will notify you if you find a better price for the exact same room. Then simply book the cheapest tariff and save money.

Final Thoughts

Learn how to use hotel rate volatility to your advantage to get the Best Hotels in Lahore Pakistan in 2022!

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