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How to Get Traffic From Your Social Media to Your Blog? 5 Tips to Try

by Nathan Zachary
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So you have a blog that is working so well and you wish to improve it with more traffic from your social media? Getting more traffic from your social media can help your blog grow bigger and faster. You can get traffic from your social media to your blog with these tips we give you.

Using these tips can enhance your ability to get more people to come to your website from your social channels. So, we will discuss optimizng your social profiles, improving your reach and engagement, plus posting on social platforms. Also, you can try social media shares and optimize your website according to your needs.

Increase Engagement and Reach

One of the most useful ways to get more traffic from your social channels will be to get more people to them in the first place. So, you should be looking to get more engagement and reach with these channels. Also, make sure that you add links to your posts to make more people reach your website.

You can try using Linkedin captions to let people reach your website. Make sure that you add links to your profiles and also try them in your Twitter posts. Facebook is the most famous platform that you can use with links in posts.

Try using Snapchat to share your links in Stories and get more traffic with that. Also, you can try using Twitter carousels and text to get more traffic there. Tiktok does not allow you to add links to your content, so you can use ads to do that.

Optimize Your Profiles

When you are looking to get traffic from your profiles, you should always try to optimize your profiles first. So, make sure that you use the right methods to optimize all of your social platforms. Use all that you wish to use for getting traffic for your blog.

Follow these:

  • Make sure that you use a clear brand name for your profile.
  • Try using the same picture for all social platforms.
  • You should have the same name for all of your social channels. This will help your audience find you on the platform and they will recognize you easier too.
  • You should always look to use an SEO-friendly name for your profiles.
  • Make sure that you add hashtags to your content and use an optimized bio here. Try using brand-related tags and use keywords there too. Keywords can help improve your social profiles’ discoverability which can really help you boost your content and profile reach.

Your bio is a great place to talk about your brand and business, so use it well. Let people know what you sell and what kind of company you are when you create your profile bio. These tips work for your blog traffic only if you add links to your bio and divert them to your website.

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Posting on Social Platforms

Posting your content or doing content marketing for your blog shall always pay off when you do it right. Just make sure that you use Twitter to post high-quality content links and encourage comments and shares. Different methods work for different social platforms, so understand them well.

You can try using Twitter to post high-quality content that takes your audience to your blog. Make sure that you encourage interaction on your Linkedin and use Instagram links in your bio to divert traffic. Try to add links to the groups you follow and add them to the groups where people will be most interested in the content you post.

The groups should be relevant to your content and you should also try to create FOMO or fear of missing out. These tips can pay off in an amazing way that you should be sure to use for your marketing. Make sure that you use CTAs or call-to-actions to make sure people go to your content.

Creating hooks or super-interesting headlines for your content marketing can make your audience click the link on your social media. Also, you should try using emotional messages to make your content better and get results with that.

Social Media Shares 

You can not share your content everywhere and the best alternative to that is to create shareable content. Just make sure that the content you create is super interesting and that people themselves would like to share. Try to create content that encourages people to share it with their followers.

Also, you can try tools like Canva and Skitch to create valuable visual content. Make sure that you find the best time to post content and try out your best for the purpose. Try to use different messages for each platform and carve them to perfection for every platform.

You can not use the same messages if you want to share them on multiple channels. Just make sure that all links have different messages that perfectly go with your marketing efforts. Also, you should try using hashtags that are relevant and track your results.

Google Analytics is the best tool you can try to track your social media results, so use it well. Try to choose the most relevant groups to your niche and post in them consistently to get more people to your content. Also, you can use the share buttons on your website and ask your audience to share your content there.

Make sure that you use influencers and use interview articles for marketing with influencers.

Optimize your Website

Your website also needs optimization to perfect your traffic gain efforts. Make sure that you add website links to get people to your social media from your website. Try to follow these tips:

  • Try to optimize your website for mobile sharing and use metas for posts.
  • Use tweetable quotes in your blog and use them in your tweets to drive traffic. You can try using the Click to Tweet tool to add quotations that you choose from your tweets.
  • Also, make sure that you experiment with the titles you use for your content.
  • Try to use BuzzSumo and understand your competition with it.

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Growth Services

Getting more followers on your Instagram can help you get more reach and improve your website traffic. So, you can try using growth services to get more people to see your blog and improve your earnings with that. So, you can buy Instagram followers UK to improve your local blog and get more traffic to it.

Final Thoughts

We discussed the use of social media to improve your website traffic. Using shareable content, sharing your links in profiles, and posting on social media platforms can really boost your content. Also, you can try optimizing your profiles and sharing content on social platforms. These tips can help you get more people to see your blogs and once you have that you can earn more with your blog.

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