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How to get your kitchen in order with Ziploc Bags Organizer

by Nathan Zachary
Ziploc Bags Organizer

Old sweater from Everlane; nonetheless, I adore this sweater with stripes that is quite similar to this one as well as this one. You can also see how I styled it in this blog post by pairing it with some of my favourite trousers. Jeans are complimentary of Everlane and are their “kick crop” style; the bottoms of these jeans are designed to be able to be trimmed to your desired length. That is so cool! They tend to be on the large side, but they do stretch out, so if you’re not sure what size to get, go one size down. They also come in a variety of washes. I adore the cheeky straight jeans that they sell and would like to get them in white as well. They keep perfect time! Earrings may be purchased on Amazon at a low price (about ten dollars!). Best find ever!) My kitchen rug came from Craigslist, but here on the blog you’ll find a guide to the finest places to shop for rugs.

Happy Wednesday!

After receiving such amazing comments on our master bedroom closet makeover (and don’t forget, there’s still a large Elsa sale going on right now at The Container Store if you’ve been wanting to do the same thing! ), I decided to share it with you all. Additionally, they manufacture organizing solutions for kitchens and pantries. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to own one of those?)

Because it appears that people all over the world are craving more KonMari, I thought it would be best to repose my extensive kitchen organisation project from the previous year. Since there are so many new people in this area in comparison to the previous year, I figured that the most of you probably missed it the first time around! I really hope that this helps you to have more Ziploc Bags Organizer in the kitchen!

In general

Organisation is not a word that appeals to me.
(My mother could say that it’s just “not a Jessica thing,” similar to how loading the dishwasher in an effective manner is “not a Jessica thing.”)

Before I reached this point in my life, I usually connected this word with others, such as “boring,” “time-consuming,” and “wasted effort.” To tell you the truth, I despise the actual process of arranging.

Do you know what I despise even more than that? The condition of being lacking in organisation.

At the age of 29

Much to my own surprise, I find that I am yearning more than ever before for a life that is more structured and organised. When everything is in its proper location, I feel as though a burden has been removed from my shoulders. I am much more creative now that I am able to rest more. (I have no choice but to think that this is something that comes with advancing years.)

The one room in my home that bears the brunt of my tendency toward disorganisation more than any other? The cooking area.

The pitiful and depressing kitchen

Permit me to illustrate with some photographs what it appeared to be like only a few short weeks ago.


I had the notion go into my head, “I really need to step it up a notch. We are mature adults that are married. It is not sustainable for us to continue living in such an unorganized manner as college students. The one thing I want more than anything else in the world is to get a job at The Container Store. They have everything I need to get my act together, which is exactly what I needed.

And I just released it into the Universe, and what email did I get in February?

A message sent to you via email from foil and baggie organizer.

They wanted to know if they could assist me in reorganising my kitchen so that they could write about it on my blog. And so I said…um, YES!

So–that is how we got started with the operation to re-organize the kitchen!

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