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How Do You Hire an AWS Developer?

by Nathan Zachary
Hire AWS Developers

Tracking the Inventory and Configuration of AWS Resources

Inventory and Configuration Tracking is an essential ability to consider when recruiting AWS DevOps employees. Using a complete inventory of the current configuration of AWS resources, they should be able to determine how a resource was initially set. They should have considerable expertise in employing preset managed AWS rules to analyze AWS resource compliance quickly.

Change Coordination and Management for AWS Resources

AWS developers must also have a solid grasp of cloud formation and the ability to construct, alter, and terminate groupings of AWS resources using pre-defined and reusable infrastructure templates. AWS service catalog expertise is advantageous since it enables enterprises to establish and maintain catalogs of IT services authorized for usage on AWS.

Developers must be able to develop and scale web applications and integrate other AWS services, such as Amazon RDS and Amazon ElastiCache. Tools, such as AWS OpsWorks, that facilitate the integration of other AWS services, such as Elastic Load Balancing and Amazon RDS instances are essential for enterprises using AWS. Therefore, developers must have sufficient familiarity with such technologies.

Managing the OS and Application Stack

The developers must be able to deal with AWS-managed services such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which is used for infrastructure deployment, and AWS OpsWorks, which is used to automate, configure, deploy, and manage servers and stacks across AWS. These abilities are essential for working with AWS. Hiring managers must seek these abilities when recruiting developers since they will aid your organization’s cloud migration and automated expansion.

Partners and Third-Party Instruments

Consider applicants adept at setting and integrating third-party technologies for extra functionality. Standard AWS third-party technologies include Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt. Other examples include:

• Stack-Level Tools: Used to analyze pre-defined template repositories appropriate to the enterprise’s stack configuration needs and operating system.

• HashiCorp Terraform: Used to separate the planning and execution phases of infrastructure deployment.

• Topologies – Based on the requirements, the developer must be able to choose whether to utilize a push or pull paradigm.

Core DevOps Characteristics

• Data management skills

• Capability to utilize diverse open source technologies and tools

• Experience with systems and IT operations

• Coding and scripting abilities

• Strong understanding of automation tools

• Strong emphasis on business results

Critical Abilities

Comprehensive understanding of tools and technologies

New tools and technologies are launched for all software development processes almost every day. For this reason, AWS DevOps engineers need to have a comprehensive awareness of new technologies, be able to produce new ideas, and accept new challenges as the business grows and scales.

Security Training

Although merging development and operations is a terrific method to optimize procedures and shorten the development cycle, it also introduces several security risks. DevOps engineers must thus be able to write safe code to prevent apps from malware and defend against typical cybersecurity threats.


It is of the utmost importance that an AWS DevOps engineer has advanced testing capabilities. Automating code and its deployment might be uncomfortable, but with good testing, each function can stay intact while new features are implemented.


A competent developer can assist team members, detect bottlenecks, and swiftly overcome them. The developers must be able to collaborate with other team members so that the whole group can advance.

Recruiting Personnel Need to Ask Candidates the Following Interview Questions

Have you ever encountered a challenging circumstance on the job? How did you respond?

This question will help you determine how the prospect handles difficult circumstances and whether they can do it gracefully.

Question: Have you encountered a significant difficulty when finishing a job for a previous employer? How did you handle it?

You should evaluate a candidate’s adaptability to change when the unexpected occurs. They should be able to recount an instance in which they have overcome a hurdle, including the steps they took.

Question: Have you ever worked in a multidisciplinary team with technical and non-technical members? If not, why would you desire to?

This question will help you determine if the applicant prefers to deal with non-technical individuals or seeks input to progress professionally.

Question: Tell me about the projects on which you feel the most accomplished. How did you make it worthwhile?

Please expect a response that provides insight into their work, its importance, and how they see it. Additionally, this inquiry will assist you in determining their personality qualities.

Question: What programming languages are you familiar with? What was your experience like working with them?

You may not be tech-savvy enough to evaluate the applicant based on their response, but you may still determine their skill set and degree of confidence when dealing with such tools. This question may also be paired with a coding exam.

Wrapping Up

There are number of available positions for AWS DevOps developers / engineers. More changes will attract more people and hence increase competitiveness. Consequently, it is essential for hiring managers to refine their search by including additional skills in their job description and creating a shortlist of applicants with a firm grasp of AWS and adjacent domains. In addition, remember to determine whether the applicants are enthusiastic about learning new technologies. In this manner, you may identify the perfect people for your organization and work towards expanding and increasing your business.

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