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How to Keep Bugs Away Year Round

by Nathan Zachary
How to Keep Bugs Away Year Round

If you’re looking for a way to keep bugs out of your home year-round, there are several strategies you can use to make sure your space stays bug-free. Keeping the pests away during all four seasons is possible with just a few simple steps.

Depending on the season, bug activity may increase or decrease. During the summer, mosquitoes and other insects are more active due to the warm weather and plentiful water sources. Meanwhile, during colder months, bugs like cockroaches prefer to stay indoors where it’s nice and warm.

To keep bugs away from your home year-round, here are a few tips you can use; try out some of these techniques to keep spiders, ants, mosquitos, and other pests away from your home.

Bug Screens

To start, bug screens should be installed in or on any doors or windows that open outside. Bug screens provide an effective barrier between your indoor living spaces and the outdoors while still allowing fresh air and light into the area. Make sure to check bug screens regularly for holes or tears throughout the year as this can allow insects to enter your home.

In addition to bug screens, it’s important to stay vigilant in keeping up with good indoor hygiene habits. Vacuum often, especially around baseboards and in closets, and make sure to keep food sealed and stored away. Keeping your home clean will go a long way in preventing bug infestations.

A quality screen door can help keep bugs out of your home. While bug screens are an effective barrier against bug entry, screen doors can provide additional protection when closed and locked. Make sure any door installed has a tight seal between the frame and the wall to ensure no insects can get through.

Bug Repellent

When outside, consider wearing bug repellent to cut down on bug bites. Applying bug repellent can also be used when spending time outdoors or even indoors if you notice bugs near windows or open doors.

Bug repellent can be acquired in many forms, such as bug sprays, bug zappers, electronic bug repellents, and bug candles. Make sure to read the directions on bug repellent products before using them. Look around your local stores or online if you are looking for repellant that can serve your needs as well as possible.

Bug repellent should be applied on a regular basis, especially for those staying outside for extended periods of time. To save money, bug repellent can also be purchased in bulk and stored away to last throughout the year.

Landscaping & Outdoor Maintenance

To reduce bug populations around your home, consider investing in landscaping techniques that repel bugs. Plant bug repellents such as lavender and rosemary around your home to keep pests away. Additionally, make sure to regularly clean up any leaves or debris that may have accumulated in the yard which can be a breeding ground for bugs.

If your property and home are as clean as possible, bug populations will be much less likely to grow. This can increase the quality of life around your home and reduce the bug population drastically.

DIY Traps & Sprays

For smaller bug issues, consider creating DIY bug traps or sprays that can help kill bug populations over time. Many of these bug-killing methods are relatively safe for indoor and outdoor use, such as bug-killing sprays made with essential oils.

These DIY bug traps and sprays should be used in conjunction with other bug prevention techniques to make sure bug populations stay low year round. If bug populations are still large after using these methods, it may be time to consider a professional bug extermination service.


Paying attention to how you landscape your outdoor area can help reduce the number of pests being brought indoors. Avoid planting flowers that attract bees or other insects and instead opt for bug-repelling plants such as citronella grass or lavender. These plants are known for helping deter flying insects like mosquitoes from coming close to the house.

Spraying Your Property

If bug populations are still high despite preventive measures, consider applying a bug spray to your property. This can be done professionally or with store-bought bug sprays. However, before using a bug spray it’s important to read all safety precautions as these chemicals can be dangerous if used improperly.

This can be an expensive and potentially toxic process though, so make sure to research bug sprays available in your area before deciding on which one to use.


By following these tips, bug infestations can be kept at bay and quality of life will remain high. With bug screens, regular cleaning and a few bug-repelling plants, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bug invasions indoors. Keeping bugs away year round is easy with just a few strategies; make sure to try these ones out when you’re looking to cut down the bug population around you!

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