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How To Keep Your Employees and Equipment Safe When on a Film Set

by Nathan Zachary

When you are working on a film set, there are a lot of moving parts and potential hazards. It is important to take steps to keep your employees and equipment safe. In this article, we will share some tips on how to do just that. Keep reading for some helpful information.

Practice best practices for inventory management.

Film sets are high-pressure environments where expensive, delicate equipment is constantly in use. Practice inventory management best practices to protect all equipment and avoid costly mistakes. Before you even start shooting, create an inventory list of all the equipment you will be using. This will help you keep track of everything and avoid confusion on set. You should also use a designated storage area to store all of your equipment. This will help you keep everything organized and easy to find. It’s also important to have a sign-out system so you can keep track of who is using the equipment.

Using inventory management software is one of the easiest ways to keep track of equipment on set. Inventory software is a computer program that helps businesses track asset inventory and movements. With inventory tracking software, you’ll leave no asset behind, and you can centralize all your equipment information in one place. The system uses barcodes to keep track of equipment in real-time and gives you full control of your inventory.

Follow COVID-19 protocols.


Production on any film set can be a chaotic and hectic environment. But with COVID-19 on the rise, it’s more important than ever to be aware of and follow the proper safety protocols to keep everyone involved safe and healthy. First and foremost, it’s important to create a policy and protocol for COVID-19 and ensure that everyone on set is aware of it. This includes everyone from the production assistants and grips to the director and producers.

If someone on set feels sick, they should immediately be quarantined and not allowed to return to work until a doctor has cleared them. Additionally, you should create a testing policy and have plenty of Covid-19 rapid tests on hand. Rapid tests can detect the presence of the Covid-19 virus through a simple swab. These tests are designed to provide results within minutes, which can be helpful for quickly determining if someone has been infected with the virus.

Watch out for electrical hazards.

Employees and crew working on a film set are constantly exposed to potential electrical hazards. Faulty or damaged equipment, improper use of extension cords and power strips, and contact with overhead power lines are some of the most common causes of electrical accidents on film sets.

To keep everyone safe, you’ll want to inspect all electrical equipment before use. Look for damage or signs of wear, and replace any defective equipment immediately. Additionally, you should only use approved extension cords and power strips. Make sure they are in good condition, with no loose wiring or exposed metal parts.

It’s also important that you avoid using power tools near overhead power lines. If you must work near them, always stay clear of the lines and keep all crew members at least 10 feet away. Finally, you don’t even want to touch an energized object with your bare hands. Always use insulated gloves when working with electricity. By following some simple precautions when it comes to electricity on set, you can ensure a safe environment for the entire crew.

Always use proper safety gear.


When working on a film set, it is important always to use proper safety gear. This includes wearing hard hats, goggles, and other protective clothing as needed. It is also important to make sure that all equipment is properly maintained and in good working order. Employees should be properly trained in how to operate any equipment they are using safely. And finally, always obey the safety rules established by the film crew. By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure a safe and productive filming experience for everyone involved.

There are a variety of ways to keep employees and equipment safe when on a film set. By following appropriate safety measures and ensuring equipment management, everyone on a film set can stay safe and avoid accidents.

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