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How to keep your employees motivated?

by Nathan Zachary

Hiring employees for an organisation can be easy, but keeping them engaged in the company for a long time is not that easy. Money, job opportunities and possible growth are not the only factors that can hold on to the employees for a long time. Some additional benefits should be provided to keep the employee motivated and enthusiastic about their job. 

Here are a few suggestions to keep your employees motivated: 

1. Set up a pleasant office environment

Who would like to spend his/her half of the day in boring spaces? The environment has a high effect on the human mood, which eventually makes it necessary for companies to set up functional and fun workspaces to keep them active. 

Outdated slow equipment and systems can really kill the mood of employees to work. The environment should calm the employee and not frustrate them on some other level.

Try featuring some art, creatives and colourful furniture available in the market. Employees will not feel anxious and the creatives will give them peace of mind when they are struggling to complete a task. 

2. Space to grow as an individual  

Let your employee grow as an individual along with the growth of the organisation. Indeed money is an important factor in any employee, but nothing beats the satisfaction of acknowledgement and respect for their work. If you’re expanding your inventory consider your employees who have been working for a long time and have shown growth to motivate them to grow further. 

Their individual growth can be really beneficial for your organisation too. 

3.  Be a respectful and supportive leader

Bad management makes the employees run for the hills and it picks up on their mental peace. Respect, honesty, clear communication and support are the foundation of healthy management. Be a great leader and see your employees exceeding your expectations. 

Lack of respect, support and appreciation often takes a toll on the employees which makes it difficult for them to be honest with their work and organisation.

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Who doesn’t like the prize money or appreciation? We as humans tend to see benefits in everything we do. If you want your best employees to stay, provide them incentives, appraisals or rewards.  It’s your wish how frequently you want to do, acknowledge their hard work in front of the whole organisation. 

Such rewards drive them to work hard and constantly perform well to achieve more in terms of growth and rewards. 

5. Share positive feedback

An employee can’t survive in any organisation if there is no satisfaction. A sense of satisfaction comes from different places like from the feedback of the clients, customers etc. If you are receiving some positive feedback from the client, ensure that you share it with the whole team who is working on that project individually. 

Let them know their efforts are not going in vain; it is really helping clients to achieve their goals. 

Also as a leader, by mentioning their growth; you can give positive feedback. Moreover, show your trust in the ability of the employee so they feel motivated and try to match up with your expectations. 

6. Be transparent

Be transparent with the results your organisation is receiving for the services they are providing. Show your employees the data of the customer feedback, the number of new users or the customer you have lost meanwhile. It is your choice how frequent you want to do it. 

Show them the difference they make in your organisation. This statistical data will help the employees and your users to understand the scope of improvement without being offended or feeling demotivated. Don’t treat any employee as an individual, treat them like a team and let them all enjoy the workload and positive feedback. 

7. Flexible Scheduling 

Don’t be like the hostel warden to the employees by hosting 9 pm to 5 pm work time with zero flexibility. Moreover, in the last 2-3years, the company’s operation has changed completely. Keep the timings a bit flexible, provide the option of working from home, allow managing their work-life balance, offer half-day or leave with a prompt response etc. 

Now, organisations have to be flexible as this pandemic breakout has changed the work culture completely. 

8. Offer refreshments

Food makes a human feel good and who can even work with an empty stomach? Sometimes to motivate and kill their mundane lives, you need to feed them. A report claims that 57% of employees find food-based perks better and appreciated. 

It makes sense because when you take care of your employees physically, it shows them an organisation also cares about their physical health. Also, it is one of the best perks to pitch about your company as the best place to work. If you can’t provide a full meal at least offer them some refreshments. 

9. Take Regular Feedback

Don’t neglect what your users want. Always take regular feedback from them about the changes they want or things they are expecting from the company. 

Explore the ideas and suggestions of the employees to set up employee-friendly employment. 


Hence, while hiring an employee there are some requirements and eligibility, likewise, an employee also expects something from the employer’s end. As a company it’s your duty to provide a calm and creative environment to support employees to deal with a monotonous schedule.

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