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How to look elegant in jeans during summer?

by Nathan Zachary

Summer is a challenging season for those who enjoy wearing suits. To preserve a well-kept and refined appearance, it cannot be easy to dress like a true gentleman, as clothing items must be carefully selected. When it’s chilly, it’s simple: a white shirt, a black suit, and quality shoes are always successful. However, what about the summer? What should men wear throughout the hot months? Most men’s closets contain enough denim to outfit the gold rush. It’s easy to forget, amidst all the raw selvage and tattered hems, that if you wear denim jeans when the temperature is soaring, your lower body will gradually sag. Fabrics are lighter, colors are brighter, and high street and luxury labels have experimented with shapes that allow your legs to breathe. You can get into the denim trend this summer without breaking a sweat if you follow these recommendations.

Beach Outfit

Going to the beach in the refreshing water is a popular summertime activity. You don’t have to give up your jeans pant if you want to go to the beach for some peace or to go to a party that your friends have planned. People don’t usually think of jeans as a good choice for the beach, but their toughness and ability to work in all situations make them great. You can easily take this outfit off and splash around in the waves. Put on your favorite jeans and a shirt that makes you feel like you’re at the beach and ready to go.

Double Denim Look

The double-denim look is a classic favorite that can improve your style game if you do it right. When going for a double-denim look, it’s important to remember that the same color and shades of denim need to be worn together, or else the look can go wrong. Choose light-washed blue jeans and pair them with a shirt in the same color and a blue slip-on or sneakers. For the summer, you can also wear white jeans and a white jacket with a tank top or a simple crewneck shirt to add the right amount of color.

Patterned Shirt with Jeans

Patterns like stripes are very popular this year, so wearing your jeans with wide-striped shirts is important. Instead of sticking with the usual nautical-themed strips, try something different and unique. Try different color combinations with your lighter-colored jeans for a daytime look and bolder, smoldering colors for a nighttime look. With striped shirts and jeans, it’s important to wear cool, casual shoes, like sneakers or slip-on.

Jeans and plaid shirts

Plaid shirts have been in style for a long time and have changed and improved each year. This summer, try on some plaid shirts with a large pattern and a few bright red or blue stripes to add a pop of color. If you roll up the sleeves of your shirt and wear it with a pair of regular-fit blue jeans, you will have mastered the modern art of casual dressing. Put on bright-colored loafers or moccasins to perk up the outfit.

White Cropped Jeans

You finally get to try on white cropped jeans in style, which is the best thing to happen this summer. Cropped white jeans are so versatile that you can use them to go from a casual to a formal look in a flash. If you’re wearing white cropped, slimmer or skinnier jeans, you should keep the shirt a little loose, so it doesn’t take away from the overall look. A crewneck tee and cropped white jeans are the perfect summer dress. Add a blazer or coat made of a light material, like linen, to dress it up, and you’ll own the show.

Summer Picnic Outfit

We all have to do silly things at picnics in the summer, and we all look forward to them all year. Jeans are a must-have whether you’re on vacation or just going to do things outside in your city. Dark-colored jeans are great for picnics and other outings where you might sit or roll around on the grass or ground. They are durable enough to do this and can be worn with any loose-fitting, soft-fabric half-sleeve shirt with a cool print.


No matter what jeans you like, you can make them look as put together as you want. Either way, a trendy pair of worn-out jeans is perfect for summer because the holes will let in much-needed air. It’s important to remember that the words jeans and denim don’t always mean the same thing.

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