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How to Make Money with Ghostwritten Books on Amazon

by Nathan Zachary

Is it really possible to make substantial passive income, or is it just a façade? In this digital age, everyone is looking for ways to make money while sleeping. Passive income is still relevant, and millions of people globally are generating big bucks. You just have to find the right way to make money online, as there are so many options, but only a few can pay off significantly and quickly. Self-publishing books on Amazon Kindle that are written by someone else is a great way to take your passive income into six figures.

Amazon is clearly the biggest publishing platform for digital books and physical copies. Amazon has literally simplified the process of self-publishing books quickly. However, this platform maintains a very high publishing standard, so you have to make sure that you upload a flawless book that is impeccable in every aspect. The easiest way to do this is by getting a ghostwriter on board.

This whole article is based on helping all those people who want to increase their self-publishing income. We will let you know how you can strategically use ghostwriters to publish a Kindle book that makes loads of money.

Expert Opinion From Amazon Publishers On How To Make Money From Ghostwritten Books

Come Up With A Creative Idea & Target The Right Niche

The mistake that you would want to avoid is getting started on finding the perfect ghostwriter without even doing any research about the topic and the niche of your book. Always remember that the first and most important aspect that determines the success or failure of any book is it’s topic or story. If you are new to Amazon or Kindle, you have to be completely prepared before entering the world of self-publishing.

There are millions of books available on Amazon. You would not want your book to get lost in the crowd and end up making no sales at all. Do your own research and lay the foundation of a successful book before it even enters the writing phase. Identifying a particular niche where your ghostwritten book can emerge as a best seller

Get Connected With The Best Team Of Ghostwriters

Anyone, or even you, can write your own books and publish them on Amazon, but then it won’t fall under the category of passive income. Uploading multiple books and earning money can be difficult if you write everything yourself. Getting an Ebook ghostwriting service UK is the best option if you want to make maximum revenue with minimal effort. However, you have to be cautious about a few things while finding an ideal ghostwriter.

There are tons of freelance writers and ghostwriting firms available online, but before approaching any of them, you have to stay clear about a few things. Create a budget range for your project, so it becomes easier to find a ghostwriter that you can afford. On top of that, you have to properly convey the plot of your story and several other details, like the writing style and the targeted genre.

Protect The Copyright To Avoid Any Mishap

The relationship with the ghostwriter plays a crucial role, as you want them to keep ownership of the copyrights. Ghostwriters usually do not keep the rights since they are being paid for their work. However, a smart publisher would always ask for a non-disclosure agreement to legally secure the relationship with the ghostwriter.

Signing such agreements is never a source of contention for reputable freelance authors. However, if any ghostwriter refuses your request to sign the Non-Disclosure contract, then it should be an alarming sign for the customer. Publishers should secure their copyright for the text, and it is important to include clauses about the exclusivity of the text and the refusal of royalties.

Let A Proofreader Make Your Book Ready For Publishing

Amazon reviews every book before it gets approval for publishing. You have to make sure that your book is free from all kinds of errors and mistakes before sending it for publication. Hiring a hawk-eyed professional would make your work a whole lot easier and quicker.

An expert proofreader would ensure your book is ready for Amazon Kindle. The final polish is very important as you are not uploading something for fun. You have to take this seriously, or else all the expenses that you made will go in vain, and your book will end up as a failure.

Hire A Designer To Make Sure That Your Book Looks Impressive

The final step before moving on to the publication phase is to get the illustrations and book cover designed. A creative and innovative design will make sure that your book leaves a strong impression on everyone.

Our advice would be to go deep with your search for ghostwriting UK and pick a service provider that also offers proofreading and design help along with writing. You might get a better package and save some extra money by getting all the services from the same service provider.

Prepare The Book For Kindle Direct Publishing

Write your book description like it is a sales pitch. You have to spark the interest of the readers and trigger curiosity but do not end the suspense. Maintain a sense of mystery in your description so that readers are compelled to buy the book.

Carefully prepare the electronic version of your book for Kindle Direct Publishing. It should follow all the rules and requirements on Amazon. Once you completely understand how a book should be published on Amazon, then none of your uploads will ever be rejected.

“Upload And Pray” – This Strategy Won’t Work

You can’t just publish your book and expect it to become a best-seller on its own. You have to be smart with your marketing and promotion tactics.

Reviews are the most crucial factor when it comes to deciding the fate of a book on Amazon. Once the reviews start pouring in, then no one can stop your book from generating big bucks.

You Are Now Ready To Become A Self-Publisher On Amazon

Outsourcing complete ghostwriting services might be a bit costly, but instead of taking months to produce one or two books, getting a whole team of creatives on board can help you pump out several literary masterpieces. We hope that this blog has given some clarity on how you can join the elite list of Kindle leaders who have made a living out of ghostwritten books on Amazon.

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