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How to make perfect title tags for SEO?

by Nathan Zachary
title tags for SEO

An HTML code element called “title” enables you to assign a title to a web page. This title can be found on the search engine results pages and a page’s title bar. The title tags on your website must be included and optimized because they are critical for organic rankings. Consult an SEO company in Dubai to create just the right title tags for your website.

Some of the most crucial characteristics a title tag can have are as follows: 

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Descriptive information

The first and most crucial requirement is that your title tag adequately describes the information on the page. You might be tempted to pack your title with keywords to improve your chances of ranking, but doing so will damage the user experience. Instead, try to be as direct and obvious as possible and ensure that readers know what to expect from the website by looking at the title tag.

The right length

A title tag of 50 to 60 characters is excellent. If your title is longer than 60 characters, it may be chopped on search engine results pages (SERPs). If your title is shorter than 50 characters, you may be passing on certain opportunities. An SEO company in Dubai checks your title tag to see how it appears on search engine results pages.

keyword optimization 

In SEO, keywords are very crucial. Due to Google’s innovations in the keyword search and machine learning, keywords are very important. The context and meaning of your keywords are just as significant as the actual words you use. The odds of your page ranking for your goal keyword or phrase will be increased if you include it in your title tag.


You must avoid using repetitive title tags or in direct competition with one another. The user experience may suffer if too many pages on your site with similar title tags, which might raise a red signal with Google. Additionally, if several pages are fighting for the same title, people will click on the first page on SERP.

Natural language

Make sure to utilize natural language in your title. All of your users should be able to comprehend it and write it in a simple style for a native speaker to understand. The tone of your title should be informative and attractive enough to motivate or encourage the users to click. It will appear spammy and may damage your rankings if all you do is push irrelevant keywords into your title.


We are unable to avoid that. We are drawn to numbers by nature as humans. The effectiveness of “top 10” and other similar number-based story titles derive from this. Including a memorable number in your title tag may make your listing stand out from others in a crowded SERP and eventually get more hits. It’s also likely to have an impact on your rankings.

Consult an SEO company in Dubai today and get attractive title tags for your website today!

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