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How to photograph a Church wedding

by Nathan Zachary

A religious wedding ceremony is one of the most appreciated things ever. Knowing that hundreds, if not thousands, of other couples, have stood in this same area and spoken these very words and made this very promise to one other throughout the years is comforting. Members of the same family have been singing the same songs for decades. Treasured customs are lovely and significant.

Although lovely, wedding photography in a church provides unique issues, such as how to best capture the ceremony while also capturing the church’s stunning stained glass, architecture, and interiors from various angles and views. Professional Dallas wedding photographers and videographers can help with that.

Since the wedding ceremony is such an important part of a couple’s big day, a wedding photographer should come prepared to switch between multiple camera settings and modes, as well as be flexible with things like lighting and finding the best position to capture the ceremony. If you want to take stunning photographs of church wedding ceremonies, consider the following advice.

·        Take your shots in the void:

Every wedding photographer seeks for diverse wedding ceremony photography views to make amazing photographs for their couple. To get a fantastic frame-in-frame shot of newlyweds on their wedding day, a photographer should peek their lens through narrow doorways or windows in the church.

Consider integrating some basic, safe photos in your church wedding photography shot list. If you miss the target with even one shot, your pair may remain still for many more minutes. After getting the “must-have” shots of the ceremony, play around with other camera placements and compositions utilizing the environment.

·        Recognize that there are limits on photography during religious ceremonies:

The wedding photographer and the happy couple should get familiar with the church’s photographic policies before the big day. Church authorities may not want anyone to interfere with the ceremony by taking photos from inappropriate angles, and they may also ask you to refrain from doing so during particular parts of the service or at certain times. The “no flash” guideline is also strictly enforced in most places of worship.

Therefore, it is crucial for wedding photographers to familiarize their selves with the church’s photography policies and to have an open conversation with their couple about the kind of photographs they may anticipate taking during the ceremony.

·        Deal intelligently with the lighting issues:

Using flash during a religious wedding ceremony might cause lighting concerns. You need good photographs from all sides in a church, yet the lighting may not be ideal. Pushing your camera’s ISO is one strategy for church wedding ceremony illumination. If you’re in a low-lit church, increasing your ISO can boost your camera’s light sensitivity and give better exposure levels, allowing you to capture a picture-perfect moment of your pair.

·        Take your shots with minimum disruption:

You have no idea how certain churches cooperate with photographers. For church wedding photography, professional photographers have a formula that minimizes interruption. It is good to shoot the arrival from the front. During a hymn, retreat to the back and remain there during the ceremony. You can go closer for the first kiss, but that’s all.


As a wedding photographer, you must capture your couple’s church wedding ceremony well. Whether you need to alter your camera settings for church wedding photography, shoot through various areas, or bring an additional set of lenses, arrive at the venue prepared to handle any photography difficulty so you can capture all the essential moments of your couple’s big day. Scout the site before the wedding to better understand how you’ll take images.

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