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How To Pick The Best Dubai Motorized Curtains For Your House

by Nathan Zachary
How To Pick The Best Dubai Motorized Curtains For Your House

Motorized curtains are becoming more and more common in homes, businesses, and other commercial spaces. Without a sure, they are incredibly easy to use and, because to their elegance, they also give your area a very upscale feel. Because of this, motorised curtains Dubai are widely available in today’s curtain markets.

While having too many options might be beneficial, it can occasionally lead to unnecessary confusion. This post will be very instructive for you if you are also perplexed when selecting the curtains for your bedroom or living room and would like professional advice.

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7 Guidelines For Choosing The Best Curtains

You can use the following advice to get the ideal automatic curtains for your home.

1. Select The Proper Motor Type

The sort of curtain motor you choose must be the very first decision you make when thinking about purchasing curtains. In curtains, there are roughly four basic types of motors. a motorised simple pull, a silent motor, a battery-powered rechargeable motor, and an electric motor.

You can choose any of these based on what your windows require. On the left or right side of electric motor curtains, there is an electric circuit that is connected to the power source and is mostly controlled by the remote control.

Rechargeable battery motors have a micro USB in place of a circuit. This can be managed remotely as well.

You can choose a quiet motor if you want your curtain’s opening and closing mechanism to be absolutely silent. Even less noise is produced by this motor than by electric motor curtains.

There is no remote control available to operate the motorised simple pull motor curtains. They are operated by pulling a ball chain. These drapes are the most affordable.

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2. Decide on the best curtain material for your needs.

Choose the best fabric for your curtains after deciding on the motor. You can use any one of the countless varieties, patterns, and fashions of fabrics available on the market for your curtains. The majority of bedrooms employ opaque materials like velvet, silk, cotton, and microfiber because they offer a high level of privacy in the space.

Additionally insulating the room from heat and sound are heavy opaque materials like velvet. In living rooms with limited need for privacy, light-filtering materials like sheer, voile, organza, chiffon, and lace are employed.

3. Select The Best Curtain Opening Style

Many people believe that there is just one way of opening and closing for motorised curtains. However, there are several curtain opening designs available, such as blinds. Ask the manufacturers for this if you wish to close your curtains on the left. Additionally, you can choose a style where the curtains close on the right side.

You may also use this if you like a centre opening. The curtain material will be gathered in the centre of the window in this manner.

4. Choose the Correct Size

Standard sizes are available for ready-made motorised curtains in Dubai, but if your windows have different styles, you’ll need to order custom curtains. Always choose drapes that are the suitable size for the windows so that they can be adequately covered and have a stunning appearance.

I recommend having curtains created to order. They will unquestionably meet all of the room’s requirements and appear more attractive than ready-made curtains.

5. Never skimp on the strength and quality of your curtains.

Consider the quality of the curtains you are purchasing. Always attempt to choose high-quality window treatments so they endure a long time without needing to be maintained. It is crucial that the motor and fabric of the curtains last for a long time. Your curtains will last longer and be able to withstand various damages if the fabric and motor are both strong.

6. Look for a system that integrates smart homes.

You must check for the Smart Home integration option in curtains while purchasing them. Curtains from numerous manufacturers come with this technology. In this way, Siri, Google Home, or Alexa may be used to control your curtains with ease.

While many manufacturers include this mechanism with the curtains, some need you to buy it separately. Before making a purchase, you should find out from the manufacturer whether or not it comes with curtains.

7. Steer clear of extremely pricey options

I must kindly request that you refrain from purchasing the most expensive motorised curtains. For your windows, look for a pair of reasonably priced curtains. Thousands of dollars should not be spent solely on window treatments. Numerous suppliers offer fully personalised, premium curtains at affordable prices.


Due to the increased comfort they offer when operating, motorised curtains are fairly common in Dubai for both residential and business spaces. They endure a very long time and are also quite simple to maintain. By selecting the proper motor type, size, and quality, choosing motorised curtains becomes simple for you.

Now that you know more about them, hopefully you’re ready to shop for motorised curtains and find the perfect set.

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