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How to Prepare Yourself for a Portrait Photography Dublin

by Nathan Zachary

You are preparing for your grand day, which is graduation day. You know you have to look good and scholarly when you hold the bouquet, pose with your friends and family, or solo. Then comes the cap throwing session. Even if you graduated a long time ago, you want to sit for a portrait. No, not the old-style oil painting, but a beautiful picture of you that will hang in your house, because simply you love yourself.

So, have you found a photographer? Do you know how to prepare for the photoshoot? Let’s read some tips so that your smile stays intact and does not turn into a scowl when the photographer says, “Cheese!”

Pick out your clothes: 

What is most important for portrait photography Dublin? Your clothes are most important. Rummage through your wardrobe, you can arrange them later, but for the moment go through the piles to find out the best clothes. Once you find it, try it on, turn 360 degrees in front of the mirror to check yourself out, and if you are satisfied don’t forget to whistle at your appearance. Why? Remember, self-love.

Practice hair and makeup: 

When it’s for graduation photography Dublin, you need to pay attention to your hair and makeup first. Clothes will come later because you will be wearing the graduation robe, all the photographer will capture is your face and how beautiful your hair will look when you throw the cap in the air. But do you need a professional makeup artist to do the job? No, you can manage it fine. You just need to practice a bit but don’t overdo it. Keep the makeup light and hairstyle simple. You have to make sure that your face isn’t darkened by makeup, you must have a light on you.

Consider the props and location: 

Are you sitting for your portrait photography? Then you might need the props. If you are not visiting the studio, then you have to create a set in your home. Think of the scenarios you want to create and the things you need such as a bouquet, a couch, a table with a nice tablecloth on it, a window, a birdcage, a garden filled with flowers, or trees, and many more. There are endless options for portrait photography in Dublin. If you have hired a reputed photographer, he or she will also suggest to you the best props and poses. It will be helpful if you choose the photography location before the photographer arrives.

Have a backup plan: 

You wanted to photograph the outdoor, but it started raining. Or your dog has chewed up your dress. Anything can happen before you get yourself photographed. However, to save yourself from unpredictable incidents, you must have a backup plan. If it’s raining, set the location indoors, or ask the photographer to reschedule the appointment, and do the task on a sunny day. If your dog has chewed up your dress, do not punish the animal, but take out another dress.

portrait photography Dublin, will give you the best service no matter how you want to be photographed. It will be on your wish and your choice of location. So, all you have to do is to contact the professionals and leave the main task in their hands.

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