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How To Prime My Vape Coil 

by Nathan Zachary

Maintenance of devices is very important for their better functioning. If we don’t take care of them, they will be inoperative, and we will have to replace them with new ones. Buying new products would be costly. Proper care of power bar vape is also essential for improving their work.

The first step in taking care of disposable vape is priming. It is a necessary step before starting vaping. In disposable vapes, priming is not needed because they are already filled with liquid and primed. Priming the crystal pro bar coil is vital before using the vaping device if the device is not prefilled with e-liquid. 

First, we will clarify what a coil is. Then we talk about priming it and the importance of priming. The coil is a heating element in the cartridge, made of thin wire and wick, often made of cotton. When the vape turns on, the coil starts heating and converts e juice into vapours.

Priming the coil means soaking the wicking material with e-liquid and letting it at rest for at least 10 minutes. This process makes the wick completely saturated with juice and gives a smooth and better vaping experience. If the coil is not primed before use, it is possible that you will get a dry or burn hit that will ruin your vaping experience. 

Steps To Prime Vape Coil:

Here are some simple and easy steps to prime the vape coil before using it. These steps are given below:

  • Expose the wicking material of the vape 
  • Drip some drops of e juice of your choice on the cotton wick 
  • Ensure that the cotton wick is entirely saturated 
  • Leave it for nearly 10 minutes 
  • Your vape is ready to use 

Why Is Priming Important?

Priming the vape coil is very important in case of using reusable vape device. However, if you have prefilled vapes like disposable vapes, then there is no need to prime them. Priming means properly soaking the wicking material with e-juice before using the vaping device. If it is not done, the heating coil starts to burn the wicking material, which is usually made of cotton. Ultimately, you will get dry or burnt, which is a displeasing experience. 

Priming is crucial when your coil is new, as it is vital for increasing the performance and lifespan of your vaping coil. If you overlook the priming, your wick will burn then, there is no way to take it back, and you have to change it now for a better vaping experience. Priming can save the money you spend on a new coil when the previous one burns out.  

Benefits Of Priming:

  • It avoids dry hit 
  • It gives a rich flavor of e-juice 
  • Increases the lifespan of wicking material 
  • It avoids ruining your new device 
  • It saves money 
  • It gives a smooth vaping experience 


Priming is vital for the better functioning of vaping devices. Priming means soaking the wicking material with e-juice and leaving it for some time before using it. It’s beneficial as it will give a richer taste of e-liquid and escalate the coil’s lifespan. You can avoid burn and dry hit by priming the coil. Priming is unnecessary if you use disposable vapes because they are prefilled and pre-primed.

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