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How To Protect Your New iPhone 14 Pro Max From Scratches and Dust

by Nathan Zachary
How To Protect Your New iPhone 14 Pro Max From Scratches and Dust

Every new iPhone comes with a set of accessories to help you get the most out of your new phone. From Bluetooth earphones, cables, and cases to power banks, screen cleaners, and styluses, there are a lot of accessories you can add to your new device. But as with any gadget, a fair amount of care is required in order to keep it in pristine condition. This is especially true for the latest model, the iPhone Pro Max, which comes factory sealed and likely hasn’t been used by anyone other than Apple until you received it. If you have an unopened iPhone Pro Max or plan on buying one soon, you should take extra care when caring for it. Listed below are five tips that will help protect your new smartphone from everyday wear and tear.

Use a screen protector

If you’re planning on keeping your iPhone Pro Max in a case or use Iphone 14 pro max skin cut template, you’re probably familiar with the idea of keeping your phone scratch-free. But what about the screen? The iPhone Pro Max comes with a curved 6.5-inch Super Retina Display with an 1837 x 1065 pixel resolution (326 PPI). While it’s made out of durable glass, it can still be damaged by scratches or abrasions. If you’re planning on keeping your screen scratch-free, be sure to use a screen protector. Even if you’re keeping your screen scratch-free, a screen protector will help protect your iPhone Pro Max’s screen from damage.

Avoid rubbing and sliding

The most common damage that iPhones suffer from is the result of being rubbed against other surfaces and objects. While it’s true that the iPhone was made with a durable glass back, the front is made from a much less durable plastic that can shatter and wear in certain areas. If you find yourself gripping your iPhone tightly or placing it face down on a desk, you can cause plenty of damage in a short amount of time.

If your iPhone is exposed to other substances, you should be especially careful. If you have an oil-based substance on your hands like lotion, Vaseline or sunscreen, try not to let it come into contact with your iPhone. It can cause damage simply by changing the texture of the phone. If you’re handling your iPhone while it’s wet, be extra careful. Once again, the glass back can be damaged by rubbing against other surfaces. And if you dropped your iPhone in the water, don’t try to pick it up right away. Allow it to dry completely before handling it.

Keep your iPhone dry

You likely know that your iPhone should be kept dry at all times. After all, it’s made out of glass and Corning, the company responsible for its creation, says that it can shatter if the glass is ever immersed in liquid. Fortunately, your iPhone can handle a decent amount of water. If you accidentally spill water on your iPhone, don’t immediately rush to dry it off. Instead, try to keep it as dry as possible for an hour or so. If you can’t keep it completely dry, be sure not to put it in a bag or other container with a liquid in it. Once it’s dried, try to avoid touching any of the phone’s exterior until it’s completely dry.

Don’t use sharp objects

If you’re planning on using your iPhone in the kitchen, the gym, or any other place you might use a knife, be sure to avoid cutting into it. If you’re slicing tomato or cucumber, use a knife with a dull edge to avoid slicing into your iPhone. Similarly, if you’re using a pair of scissors, try to avoid cutting into your iPhone. Aside from being extremely dangerous, it can also cause damage by cutting into the phone. The best thing you can do is to avoid using sharp objects on your iPhone at all costs. If you must cut something, try to avoid taking a chunk out of your device.

Take care when charging

As with any electronic device, your iPhone needs to be charged regularly. However, it’s important to take special care when charging your new phone. The iPhone Pro Max, like the iPhone XS, comes with a Lightning cable that has a braided exterior. This exterior isn’t meant to be removed and could easily break if you try to remove it. Take extra care when charging your new iPhone with a Lightning cable. If you’re charging it with a regular cable, be sure not to tug on the cable when it’s plugged in. If you’re charging your iPhone Pro Max with a Quick Charge wall charger, be sure to use the correct cable. If it’s the one that came with the phone, be sure to keep it away from liquids. Similarly, if you’re using a third-party Quick Charge wall charger, don’t try to charge your iPhone Pro Max with another device.


The iPhone Pro Max is a powerful device that can handle anything you throw at it. That said, you should take extra care when caring for it to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Using a soft cloth and avoiding rubbing and sliding are the most effective ways to protect your iPhone from daily wear and tear. These tips will also help you keep your new iPhone looking great! Now that you know what to do, do it. Your new iPhone will thank you for it.

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