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Steps to Fix Thunderbird is Not Sending or Receiving Emails

by Nathan Zachary
how to reset thunderbird

There are many reasons because of which the users might be dealing issues with Mozilla thunderbird problems sending emails and some of those reasons are – 

There might be some conflict with the internet service provider also known as ISP, Also the users might be facing issues with the internet connection. 

There might be some issues with the server settings of the mail or the users might also face some issues with antivirus. 

Fixing the issues of thunder bird for the users – 

The first way for the users is to reset settings and the users can do so by first knowing how to reset thunderbird for which the users need to follow up the instructions which will be there on the screen. 

The users can also correct the SMTP settings of their email so that they can fix the issues they have been dealing with.

The users also need to ensure that the internet connection which they are using is working properly and is not creating any trouble for the users. 

The users also need to check if the user they are expecting a mail is not in the blocked user list as if this is the case then they will not be able to send emails to the account holders they want. 

There are chances that thunderbird not receiving email is occurring because the emails of the users are being sent to a different email folder so the users need to check other folders also to find the emails they are looking for. 

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