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How to respond to negative and positive app reviews?

by Nathan Zachary

You must remember that you will always get negative and positive feedback from customers regarding product reviews. Being a business owner, one should know the importance of giving attention to those reviews and how to respond to them to maintain a positive reputation.

User reviews are extremely important as it helps you to understand if your product is good or needs some changes. After getting a negative review, if you improve your product, it automatically increases the conversion rate and helps you get more loyal customers. So, here we will tell how you can respond to negative and positive Android and iOS app reviews.

The Importance of Customer Review for E-commerce Business

A business owner needs to pay attention to their customer reviews. In this way, they get the chance to improve their product quality so that they can stand out from the crowd and increase their product sales. First, however, let’s see why it is important to focus on customer reviews.

  1. Helps You to Improve Sales

Customer reviews play an important role when it comes to increasing sales. Usually, customers look at the reviews before purchasing anything online. People usually buy products that have positive reviews. Therefore, sometimes businesses buying android app reviews to catch the attention of more customers. 

  1. Helps You to Know Your Customer Needs

Customer review is the best way to know what the customer thinks about your product and if your product needs any changes. If you get positive reviews, it helps to increase the chances of growing your customer base. On the other hand, if you get negative reviews, you get the opportunity to improve your product as per your customer demands.

The Way to Respond to the Negative and Positive Customer Reviews?

Responding to product reviews shows that your company cares for its customers and listens to all their demands. Whether it is an android app review or an iOS app review, it helps you to stay connected with your customers. So, you must respond to negative and positive reviews to make them feel that you genuinely listen to your customer feedback.

How Will You Respond to Positive Reviews?

The first thing you have to do after getting positive reviews is to post them on your e-commerce website to add social proof. It is important as positive reviews help your company to engage more customers to buy something from your store. 

So, you must reply to all who gave positive reviews on your product. Then, show your utmost gratitude for buying your product and address the customers by their name. If they have any questions, then respond to their queries politely. 

How Will You Respond to Negative Reviews?

If you post negative reviews on your site, it also makes your brand genuine and trustworthy. It mainly shows that you genuinely give importance to your customers. After getting a negative comment, the first thing you have to do is apologize. 

However, do not exaggerate or try to justify anything; keep your response sweet, simple, and short. Lastly, ensure the customers that you will improve your product quality as per their needs as soon as possible.


Giving feedback to your customer reviews helps you to increase your conversion rate and makes your brand trustworthy. Apart from that, you can build a connection with your customers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to respond to their reviews to convert your customers into leads.


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