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How to set up my Orbi RBR750 router as an access point?

by Nathan Zachary
How to set up my Orbi RBR750 router as an access point?

It is very simple to set up your Orbi router as an access point. You should connect or add another router besides the Orbi device by configuring it as an access point. If you want to set up your Orbi RBR750 router as an access point, follow the below-mentioned steps and set your Orbi in Access point Mode.

Instructions to setup your Orbi router an access point Mode

  • Connect your Orbi setup RBR750 router to the LAN port of your modem or the router gateway using an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect a configuration device like a mobile, tablet, or computer to the router LAN port.
  • You can use an Ethernet cable to connect the configuration device with the router or the Orbi Netgear login wifi network.
  • Launch a web browser and access its address bar. Enter the default web GUI orbilogin.com into Addy.
  • Click the enter button to obtain a login window. Enter the Orbi Netgear login credentials on the Orbi admin login window.
  • You can use your default Netgear password and login username or create a new one.
  • Hit the login tab, and then you will reach the basic Homepage of your router.

Note: – The username of your Orbi admin login is admin, and the default Netgear password is password. You can also use ADMIN to fulfil both requirements.

  • On the Homepage of your Orbi router, go to the “Advanced section.” And then access the “Advanced setup.”
  • After that, go to the Router/AP Mode page. On this page, choose between the router or Access Point Mode option.
  • Finally, select the radio option available in the [Access Point Mode] and click the apply button.
  • Once done, select the IP address settings for your Orbilogin.com page. You have to hit an option from the below two.
  1. Get dynamic IP address settings for your Orbi router. Your Orbi setup will automatically get an IP address while in AP mode.
  2. You can use a fixed IP address not recommended. In this, you may either manually assign a static IP address to your Orbi RBR750 router while it is in Access Point Mode.

How to connect my Orbi RBR750 router to the RBS750 satellite?

You can connect a satellite to create a Mesh Wi-Fi network in your home. If your Orbi setup RBR750 router has a satellite, connect it to the power slot near the router, and turn it on. Press the tiny Sync button on the satellite. And then on your Orbi admin login device. Within two minutes, your router will sync to the satellite. Use the default Netgear password and username to access the router and the satellite.

Know your Orbi RBS750 satellite behaviour after synchronization

Orbi flashing white means it is under the booting-up process.

Orbi blue light on a satellite means the connection between the satellite and router is good if the LED colour of your satellite is Blue. It would flash blue for about three minutes only and then turn off.

Orbi blinking orange on the satellite LED indicates good communication between your satellite and router. It will light up for three minutes only.

 Orbi pink light indicates failed synchronization between your Orbi router and satellite.

Off satellite LED: It has synced with the router and works through the orbilogin.com network.

Now, you better know the power and the router LED behaviour. So you can now check the errors in your Orbi Netgear login router and resolve them instantly. Recognizing the LED behaviour of your Orbi router and the satellite also improves their functioning. You should follow some other troubleshooting steps to improve your work.

Are you still facing any issues with your Orbi RBR750 setup? 

The issue of dropping connections would not trouble you anymore because our technical experts will remove them instantly. However, you can do the entire settings over any wireless network. While connecting to a WIFI router via a WIFI track, keep the computer close to your Orbi router. The connection drop issue will interfere with your Orbi setup unit and other connected devices. Try to keep both devices in the same room.

We, the tech specialist, are available here 24/7 hours to handle any Orbi Netgear login issues with Orbi login RBR750. We can solve your Netgear Orbi setup and login issues, default Netgear password and username, firmware updated, Orbi admin login not working, Orbi satellite synchronization with the router, change the security of the router, etc. 

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