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How to Starting a Peer-to-Peer Program in 5 Easy Steps

by Nathan Zachary

The practice of coworkers openly praising and thanking one another for their contributions is known as peer-to-peer acknowledgment. Because any team member can applaud another employee’s efforts for a job well done, these initiatives boost employee engagement across the board. Peer-to-peer recognition is a kind of employee acknowledgment that is given out by management as well as by other workers.

How to Start a Program That Rewards Employees Based on Their Performance

The following steps should be taken to ensure that a peer to peer recognition programs gets embedded in the culture of your company:

  1. Define objectives

Is the program’s goal to boost workplace happiness and the number of employees who stay on the job? Is it so that we can increase our capacity for cooperation and productivity? Or is it to provide managers with more opportunities to evaluate employee performance? To start developing your program, you must first ensure that crystal-clear objectives have been outlined in advance and that all relevant stakeholders are in agreement with and aware of these goals.

  1. Determine the available resources and approaches

It is much simpler for everyone to have a sense of inclusion when there is a single, consolidated, and easily accessible channel for receiving acknowledgment from peers.

An offline component helps the application maintain its relevance in the real world. Place a corkboard in a communal area such as a break room or shared space. On this board, employees may write remarks on sticky notes and put them up for their other workers to see. You might also start an all-hands meeting by allowing participants to thank their coworkers for two or three minutes at the beginning of the gathering.

  1. Inform the staff members about the program

Set aside some time at the next all-hands meeting to conduct an introductory mini-training session, roll out your new peer recognition program, and instruct employees on how to use the program effectively. Adoption is the answer to everything. Your peer to peer recognition programs is not functioning correctly if workers are not using it.

  1. Take charge and lead by example

Employees often look to their managers as models to accept initiatives, particularly wholly novel ones. After the first deployment, managers should extend their recognition to their direct reports, peers in other departments, and even their superiors.

  1. Maintain a watchful eye and actively promote adoption

If it seems like there is a pause in peer recognition, managers should be on the lookout for circumstances worthy of notice and urge their staff to be the ones to offer the compliment. In other words, there should be a lull in peer recognition. Catalysts are often required for this kind of program!


Suggestions for honoring one’s peers remind members of a team of commendable behaviors and ways to recognize their colleagues. Encourage workers to maintain a copy of the document in their workspaces so that acknowledging and appreciating one another may remain a top priority.

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