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How To Style Vintage Sweatshirts?  

by Nathan Zachary

We keep on improvising the style from time to time. And some trends come and go, but some never fade out. Pairing a sweatshirt with jeans is eternal, but styling it with leggings and yoga pants is revolutionary. This blog will scoop you on the best style guide for vintage sweatshirts for women. Let’s get started.

Definition Of Vintage Sweatshirts

First of all, let’s pour some thoughts on its history. Sweatshirts have a long history. The comfort and fashion sense it offers has amused not only men but also women. It has gradually become so popular among women! They can wear this versatile garb any time of the year, though best worn in winter, fall, and autumn. Out of all the style variants, the classic vintage sweatshirts women’s have outsmarted other apparel or casual wear. 

Statistics also reveal that more than 65% of working women prefer wearing sweatshirts over any other garb. From a grocery run to a shopping spree, women prefer to pair sweatshirts with jeans over anything. And they keep on finding ways to spice their attire up a bit.

John Astbury once said, “Sweatshirts are definitely streetwear, no doubt. And it’s amazing how they have become such an important staple in people’s wardrobes.” Not only Americans but women from around the world are on the verge of adding this super-comfy costume to their wardrobes. But have you ever wondered where it came from? 

In 1926, a football player named Benjamin Russell Jr. invented the sweatshirt. It all started with the idea of an all-cotton practice football jersey. In order to swap out the itchy wool jerseys with something cooler and more comfortable, Benjamin Russell’s son thought to replace the itchy wool jerseys with cotton.

Vintage Sweatshirt Style Guide For Women

It is indubitably true that you can style your vintage sweatshirt in several ways. If you want to blend vintage and contemporary, you can preferably go for an oversized vintage sweatshirt. However, the cropped version will also fit in if you know how to slay in style. Moreover, cropped vintage sweatshirts for women go well with high-rise jeans and sneakers.

And if we begin discussing sweatshirt types, the list never ends. However, here’s the list of the most common sweatshirt types:

  • Polo Sweatshirt
  • Hoodies
  • Pull Over
  • Mock Neck
  • Zipper
  • Fleece

And if we talk about the material, the below-given material goes into its making

  • Cotton
  • Suede
  • Tweed
  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Denim

Styling Guide: Pair With Bottoms


Pairing a sweatshirt with denim never goes out of style. But today, there are even more ways to jazz up your look. Pick an oversized hooded sweatshirt and style it with skinny jeans and sneakers. 

Leggings or Yoga Pants

Imagine slaying in an oversized vintage sweatshirt for women with dark leggings/yoga pants. Try complimenting the look with long boots and carry-along accessories.


If you want to create a party look but in a more comfortable manner. Try wearing it with skirts and tuck the small part of your hoodie or pullover into the skirt. It will make you look cool and confident. To try this look, buy from ColorFitt.com.


The versatility of vintage college sweatshirts for females is so vast that we can pair this single piece of cloth with hundreds of items. Hence, you can create multiple looks thereon. If searching for the most versatile sweatshirts, hop to the ColorFitt.com website and grab one for yourself.

About ColorFitt

ColorFitt is the New York based merch that helps you believe in your true self through many stages of life. 

It is an extraordinary clothing line that caters to fitness-inspired clothing with a subtle combination of active and casual clothing. So, it doubles as sportswear and daily wears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we buy from ColorFitt only?

Well, this brand stands apart from the rest of the market as it dedicates itself to creating eco-friendly and highly sustainable products. The unequaled and unmatched comfort makes people buy more and more from them.

What should I know about vintage sweatshirts?

A vintage sweatshirt is generally engineered considering a quality viewpoint. It reminds you of the bygone era. Moreover, a vintage sweatshirt may or may not be second-hand. Also, most vintage items or clothes don’t have a logo.

How to compliment vintage with a contemporary look?

It’s a color game. For creating vintage with a contemporary look, you have to focus on the overall feel and color palette. You have to find a balance between texturing and layering. By keeping a sense of proportion, you can certainly nail the look.

How to make a fashion statement by wearing a vintage sweatshirt for women?

You can create a fashion statement look and leave your mark even if it’s not Gucci or Prada. Going for a clean style is the key here. Trying balancing your oversized sweatshirt with leggings and long boots. You can also compliment your look with sunglasses and a sling bag.

Why is a sweatshirt called a sweatshirt?

The original purpose of sweatshirts was to provide comfort and warmth for athletes. In addition to staying warm in cooler temperatures, people wore them to support collegiate teams or layer to create stylish outfits.

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